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Good eats in Novi, Livonia, Farmington, Northville--MI anyone???

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Have just relocated to Michigan from New York. I would love to hear about some chowhound finds in the ff. areas. Novi, Livonia, Farmington,West Bloomfield and Northville though would consider travelling farther for any good eats.Please specify address and what to order as I think it's very important to know what to try when checking-out new places. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Il Posto is about the best Italian restaurant I've ever experienced. It is beautiful and expensive and worth every cent IMHO. Location is Franklin Road and Northwestern Hwy.

    Most recently I had just cheese and olives with prosecco, followed by their incomparable carpaccio. I had three small portions of various fresh pastas: my favorite is porcini orchiette. Veal chop with a great Brunello and for dessert very light profiteroles with a glass of ambrosial moscato.

    The Lark is a very good high end restaurant that everyone raves about and Tribute is one of the top restaurants in the state. I don't know much about the western restaurants as I'm usually in Birmingham on business. Il Posto is one place I do not miss however. LMF

    1. Loving Spoonful on 12 Mile Road, in Farmington Hills offers great fair. If you dare to head a bit west on I-96 and run into Milford you will not be disappointed by Five Lakes Grill!!!


      Check out Birmingham for more great food.

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        Jonathan Stein

        Matsuchan in Canton is good if you like fresh ramen noodles. I usually get shoyu ramen (soy flavored soup), but I have had the corn and butter ramen also and it's good too.

        This is not at all fine dining, but a pretty authentic Japanese noodle place. I like it a lot. Their website explains it better: http://www.matsuchan.com/

        1. I just love Zoup! (Haggerty north of 7 Mile and Northwestern near 12 Mile). Twelve soups offered daily along with a few salads and sandwiches. Hearty and wonderful. LaShish at 6 Mile and Newburgh -- every bit as good as the original in Dearborn -- for middle eastern food. And just over the Livonia border in Canton, Paisano East Pizzeria for the very best old-style carryout pizza.

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            I differ on Zoup...I never found a truly delicious soup there and have avoided it for four years now. Each time I wnet with high hopes and was disappointed; watery or off flavors, or no depth. I do not recommend unless your favorite soup is Campbell's chicken noodle, in which case you will be upgrading a bit.

          2. Ritters Frozen Custard on 8 Mile just east of Merriman. The best.

            1. Matsu chan is great just stay away from the HOT and spicy raman soup because it is hot. but all the other raman soups are great!!!!I think it is north of Ford on sherdon(sp) behind bakers square.

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                I say get the Hot and Spicy Ramen because it is HOT! Just as advertised. :)

              2. Emily's in Northville is good.

                I don't know if you read food magazines, but Conde Nast Traveler voted The Lark the best restaurant in the country a few years ago.

                Tribute was given top honors by the husband/wife wine/food writing team of and Mireille Guiliano in The Quarterly Review of Wines. They had it as the top meal of their year a couple years ago, and in the top 10 the year after. She's president of Clicquot-USA and most recent made a name for herself with the bestseller about French women.

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                  Emily's has cooked its last meal, unfortunately. Things are tough around here, even in upscale places like Northville.

                2. You've relocated from NY? NY Metro? Tomatoes Apizza in Farmington Hills (two locations - Halstead, and 14 Mile at Middlebelt - do a google search on Tomatoes Apizza for the addresses) has, by far, the best NY-style (New Haven variation) pizza (or any style) in the area. A must. No alcohol, though.

                  I second Matsuchan in Canton for ramen noodles. The day I was there, the restaurant was filled with Japanese. You can google this too for address.

                  Giorgio's Gormet Diner on Orchard Lake and Maple (15 Mile) is, IMHO, a must. They have the best pastas, shrimp, steaks, and chicken dishes for the money. Plus you can get regular diner food too.

                  Orchard Lake Road north of 696 is loaded with good Indian places with tasty food. I can't think of the names off-hand. Maybe another 'Hounder can.

                  For the money they charge, places like the Lark and Tribute had better be good.

                  I'm gettin' hungry.

                  1. What brings you to our fair city??? I would suggest you venture westward to Ann Arbor and try a few places. Is that too far for you?

                    1. A friend took my husband and I to the Lark for our 25th wedding anniversary. I got sticker shock, but I also had one of the best dinners of all time. The food was divine, the schmooze was just as good. I can't imagine ever going back, I'm much more of a bistro girl, but it was really a stellar night.

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                      1. Also Windsor has some great restaurants but
                        not so much of a bargain now w/ the exchange rate
                        We like Spago Trattoria Pizzeria 614 Erie St. East.

                        1. We really like Yossi's -everything is good & fresh
                          he makes a mean zhug- Yeminite hot sauce.

                          Yossi's Israeli Cuisine
                          7325 Orchard Lake Rd.
                          West Bloomfield, MI 48322

                          more favorites in Ann Arbor

                          Bahn Na Laos and Thai Cuisine
                          4837 Washtenaw
                          (Between Ann Arbor & Ypsilanti)
                          Phone (734) 528-2336

                          Cafe Zola
                          112 W Washington Street Ann Arbor, Michigan 734.769.2020
                          wonderful breakfast & crepes

                          1. Welcome to the area!!! OK - West Bloomfield - Hong Hua for Chinese (Orchard Lake and 12 mile - but can be expensive), Shangri-La for Dim Sum (Orchard Lake and 15 Mile) - get there before 12 on the weekend. Zinc Brasserie on Orchard Lake and 14 1/2 Mile - no reservations, but GREAT people watching. Bombay Grille for Indian at Orchard Lake and 13 Mile - I think that might be the Indian joint Summerfield can't remember the name of above. (Do you see a theme here???).

                            To get a bit further afield - great Cuban in Royal Oak - Habana on Main Street and ....OK - can't remember the cross street. Strangely, next door and attached to the Cuban is a pretty good Belgian place (?!?!?) and I can't remember that name (apparently my brain is going..).

                            In Birmingham, GREAT seafood at Streetside Seafood on Pierce Street. Some people will tell you Mitchell's Seafood in Birmingham, but don't believe them!! Also 220 Merrill on Merrill Street is good. Also a bit pricey. Beverly Hills Grill in Beverly Hills on Southfield Road and 13Mile. No reservations, however. We always eat at the bar. They have great breakfast as well. And their food is always good. Always.

                            OH! Good Mexican (no booze yet, though and not very salubrious) is at Camelia's on 12 Mile just east of Orchard Lake Road.

                            Cherry Blossum in Novi on Novi Road north of 96 in the mall off to the left. I think some of the best sushi around - but that might be fighting words to some.

                            Good eating!

                            1. Habana Cafe is on Main and 5th in Royal Oak, attached to Bastone, which has pretty damn good Belgian bistro fare (and brewrey). Also attached is Vinotecca wine bar. Nice small plates.

                              I ate at Josephine's Creperie and Bistro last Saturday night, Nine Mile and Woodward in Fabulous Friendly Ferndale. Very very good.

                              1. There are so many great places to eat. Sorry LilMisFoodie- Il Posto was sold after it won 2006 HOURs restaurant of the year. Bacco, which won the year before is much better food wise as is Cortina, who won a couple years before that. I have had two so so meals there and was not impressed. I like the ravioli at Buddy's Pizza better. And the chicken dish I had tasted like Airline food. They say it is the same but it was not.
                                Downtown is really hopping now. I agree with Mushigander- Yossi's is excellent as is Zaytoons on 248-624-8884 on the other side of west bloomfield.
                                It isn't listed on www.guidetodetroit.com but it should be-- it may be new which is why.
                                Speaking of which, www.guidetodetroit.com is a best of list, it has all the good restaurants in one place and none of the bad ones.

                                1. If ever in Ann Arbor, try The Metro Cafe in Kerrytown. PH - 734-213-9100
                                  Excellent gourmet food at very reasonable prices. Parking has never been an issue.
                                  I have been recommending this place to all of my friends and they have been very satisfied. I have been quite a few times myself and enjoy the Thai mussels, spring rolls, lobster & plantain cakes and the lamb chops. All of which are presented like the cover of a magazine. They have a seperate small plates menu which is great for taste testing and sharing. I have fallen in love with the chocolate milkshake martini!!! SOOO good!!!! All of this and its non smoking :) Hope you make it, I think you and yours would enjoy.
                                  OH - did I mention atmosphere - Excellent!! At night they have live music. Piano. Very cool. Artwork is great too!!!

                                  1. Everest Express, on Orchard Lake Rd. south of 10 mile (west side), has Nepalese cuisine. Good food; all of the ingredients are familiar, but they're combined in unique ways.


                                    1. In Farmington, there's Priya, one of the really good Indian restaurants in the area. It's on Grand River Ave east of the 10 Mile split.

                                      Matsuchan in Canton, as others have mentioned.

                                      I'd also not limit yourself to just the northwest suburbs!

                                      1. tdot is right about Priya. Try the buffet, Amazing! Great tandori, nan, dosa, and even the food in the steamtables (esp. the butter chicken) is better than what comes out of most kitchens. They even have mango soft serve ice-cream.

                                        For fancier feasts tried and loved Five (the Inn at St. John's) in Plymouth. Tom MaKinnon is the chef- one of the best in Michigan. Speaking of which, his original restaurant MaKinnon's in Northville should not be missed. They are fancy but not priced out of the ball park.

                                        Tucan Tango in West Bloomfield has Tapas- nice portions and prices- almost no one in the place at dinner hour - think they get a late nite crowd- but some of the best small plates- Mostly Spanish but some other variety including one of the best Shrimp Cocktails in the area. (Why they put a rosemary sprig in it is one of life's mysteries).

                                        1. any other recommendations out there? i'm planning to do some border shopping, and don't mind hitting up some nice diners/greasy spoons along the way.

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                                            If you don't mind nice diners/greasy spoons, there is Hazel and Roberto's Coney Island on Orchard Lake just South of 12 Mile in Farmington Hills. It's far more than coneys. There are a good variety of sandwiches and are known for their malted waffle, a holdover from the days it was part of the small Silverman's Deli chain.

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                                              Bates Burgers at 5 Mile and Farmington in Livonia.

                                              Mudgie's Deli near Downtown Detroit - www.mudgiesdeli.com

                                              Kuhnhenn Brewing Company - www.kbrewery.com - no food but great beer

                                              Nobel Fish (Sushi) - 45 E. 14 Mile Road, Clawson - I am sure there is much better in NYC alas you may start Jonesing for some Uni

                                              Taqueria Lupita - 3443 Bagley St in Detroit - Great Mexican food - You can fill your table with food for less than $20

                                              Either of the Brian Polcyn resturants. Just google "Brian Polcyn" and follow...

                                              Common Grille - http://www.commongrill.com - It is a bit west but worth it.

                                            2. Diamond Jim Brady's Bistro in the Novi Town Center over by the shows. You'll keep going back time and time again. Cozy, personal with fine dining.
                                              Please try it.