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Apr 9, 2004 06:43 PM

Lunch in Spring Green Area

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I'm driving to Muscoda and thought about having lunch in Spring Green area any recomendations?

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  1. could you tell us where this area is please? it helps if that info is in the title---i'm sure every midwestern state has a spring or a green of some sort. thx.

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      Sorry about that.

      1. re: mrnyc

        One of my favorite places is called Dinneger's (sp). If you are there in the morning their apple pancakes are the best. Otherwise, would recommend anything on menu or specials. They are especially great with their sauces.

        1. re: mrnyc

          Sorry, I read Spring Green, but thought New Glarus.

        2. The General Store would be my recommendation. It's on Albany.

          1. the Old Feed Mill in Mazomanie!

            1. General Store serves great chili.
              Plus there is a neat shop below it with old magazines.