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Apr 2, 2004 07:43 AM

Meriwether's in St. louis for Easter brunch?

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We'll be heading to St. Louis next weekend and want to have brunch Easter Sunday. We've heard of Meriwether's, but all the sites talk of their lunch menu, not the brunch. Do you order from the menu, or is it a buffet? Who's been there for brunch? Was it good? Do you have any other reccommendations for Easter brunch? Thanks!

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  1. My mom loves to take her 6 teen grand children to brunch at the Historical Society- where Meriw' is located. The setting is beautiful- overlooking Forest Park, and the staff has always been first rate.
    The food at brunch is buffet-style with stations for pastries, seafood, desserts, and freshly made omlettes. There is a good selection of breakfast meats( sausages w/ or w/t buscuits and gravy, bacon etc). I am not a fan of the trough-style brunches. That being said this one always feels nice, not perfect or overly elegant but nice. They have rooms where larger groups can eat together away from the dining room. I also like that it seems to attract a broad range of ages and dress style- anyone could feel welcome/comfortable.

    1. Try Porter's in Collinsville, IL. It's only about 10 miles from downtown St. Louis. They have a fantastic brunch! Oysters, shrimp, ham, beef, salads, omlettes made to order, wonderful desserts. Everything you could ask for. You can visit their website at