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Mar 21, 2004 05:26 PM

Eau Claire (Barron), Wis?

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I'm driving to Barron for work soon and spending a day or two, potentially with time to kill and extra miles to burn. I'm anxious to find sources for regional specialties and good local restaraunts. Thanks.

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    Brad Ballinger

    Barron, Wisconsin, is the former headquarters for The Turkey Store brand fresh turkey products. They have been bought out by Jennie-O, but my guess is they still maintain a presence in Barron. The office/plant has a small retail area where you can buy the products cheap cheap cheap. Just a thought.

    Eau Claire is a bit of a drive from Barron, but my guilty pleasure there is the Chicken Hut, where I order the basket of chicken gizzards.

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      We have always enjoyed Sweetwaters in Eau Claire. Basic food, nicely presented, crisp salads. Everything from burgers to steaks. I think they do a great business with the parents visiting at UW-EC. For a long time it was about the only decent restaurant in EC. No culinary delights, just good food. And don't forget a treat at Culver's.

    2. m'th'su,

      I was in Eau Claire last month and had the pleasure of the Friday night Fish Fry at Albertville Tavern, about 15-miles from Eau Claire proper. Great Wisconsin tavern, friendly people, deer heads on the wall, 60's hold-out singing folk songs at the mike, huge portions of fish, ribs (baked), good burgers and even a corn dog or two tossed into the mix.

      I highly recommend Albertville Tavern, as much for the atmosphere as the food. One suggestion, get someone to map the route, we got lost twice going from our hotel to Albertville Tap.


      Albertville Tavern
      8114 35th St
      Colfax, WI 54730

      Friday Night Fish Fry at Albertville Tavern


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        I agree, Pad Thai is such a blessing to us. We had lived in Maui previously to moving to Eau Claire and had fallen in love with Thai food. We absolutely love the Tom Kah soup, Panang Chicken (add pineapple) and of course Pad Thai. We thank the owners each time we eat there for opening this restaurant. The decor is very low budget but we don't care. We buy more food than we can eat so that we can take the rest home as leftovers. You will find it right across from the post office on Barstow Street.

      2. I just put this in another post, but Pad Thai is a little cafe across from the post office in downtown Eau Claire and has the best Asian food in town. Very fresh, homemade sauces, gracious and accommodating host/owner. I've been there several times now, taking new people back with me each time. The Ginger Chicken was awesome, Garlic Beef was awesome. I think you can't go wrong there!

        1. i hope this isn't too late, but i've got another couple of recommendations there, as i went to college at UWEC.
          i second the notion that sweetwater's will satisfy your basic urge to eat well and plentifully. their food is delicious--try it out for dinner.
          if you're wanting mexican, grab a meal at cancun. awesome, affordable mexican delights. if you're with friends, definitely opt for the margarita pitcher--i think they might even have a special on it on mondays or tuesdays. ask for carlos as your waiter! he was our all time favorite.
          but in my opinion, the best meal you'll find in e.c. is at mogie's on water street. this is a bar, but their burgers cannot be beat. i'm not kidding--you'll find yourself craving them for the rest of your meat-eating existance. my suggestion is to get the garcia burger, but their jamaican burger is also excellent. the burgers don't come with fries, so take this as an opportunity to order a plate of spuds o plenty. they're sort of like tatertots infused with cheese, but so much better, and served with a ranch sauce for dipping. you will not be disappointed.

          1. I would highly recommend Native Bay in Chippewa Falls. It's a bit fancy, but they source locally and the food is wonderful.