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Feb 16, 2004 10:48 AM

Gruyere in Madison

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I am visiting Madison, Wisconsin at the moment, and I am trying to find Gruyere cheese here that is made in Wisconsin. I am interested in two different kinds. Real gruyere that is semi-hard, and processed gruyere that I will use in Macaroni & Cheese. I don't want those small triangles wrapped in foil that we all knew as kids, but rather I seek to buy a big hunk of the processed stuff by the pound. Can anyone tell me where to fine both the standard gruyere and the processed stuff? Would prefer made in Wisconsin, but will accept from elsewhere if I have to.


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  1. For cheese in Madison (city limits) I have to recommend Whole Foods on University Ave. Wish we had one in Milwaukee!!

    1. for a WONDERFUL european style semi-hard gruyere, look for Roth Kase Grand Cru Gruyere. they sell locally at whole foods as mentioned previously, and in a couple of different ages. Roth Kase is a cheesery out of monroe wisc.

      processed cheese? sorry to sound like a snob, but you're on your own there. for what it's worth, i've used the roth kase cheese in many cheese-and-pasta dishes with great results.

      1. I'm probably too late but there is a Gruyere-style cheese called Pleasant Ridge Reserve. It is amazingly tasty, sold at Whole Foods, sort of pricey, and worth every penny.

        1. Brennan's also sells Roth Kase Gruyere.

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            Finally someone recomending a local store instead of Whole Foods. Where did we buy cheese in Wisconsin before whole paycheck came to town? Also try Relish on Monroe St. and Bavarian Sausage Haus. The Farmer's markets around town are also excellent sources.