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Feb 12, 2004 07:48 PM

Best Pizza Pie in KC

  • j

OK I have my favorites.

Funhouse Pizza in Raytown
Pyramid Pizza & Torres Pizza in Westport
and I like Rosatti's Pizza

but are their some good Pizza shops I am over looking?

Fess up what pizza places do you like?

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  1. Waldo Pizza and Minsky's do it for me. Especially the Minsky's south of the Plaza. Mmmmm.

    Pyramid's a good one too. Jerry's Bait Shop in Lenexa has the best Pyramid, IMHO. Sometimes I have to make a lunch pilgrimage out there.

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    1. re: m.toast

      It's gotta be D'Bronx for that real NYC taste.

    2. c

      I like the Minsky's on Main.

      Speaking of Pizza, there is a Doughboy's that has opened within two blocks of my house in Olathe. Is this a chain/franchise? Any experiences?

      1. D'Bronx on Bell and Waldo.

        1. In order of preference, my fav pizza joints are:

          #1 d'Bronx at 39th & Bell

          #2 Waldo Pizza north of 75th and Wornall in Waldo

          #3 Minsky's at 50th & Main

          I've never been particularly fond of Torre's pizza sauce but used to love their white seafood pizza. They don't make it not so I no longer go there.

          1. Just read a post on best pizza in KC. Shocking that nobody is mentioning "Original Pizza" on Antioch. That is as close to authentic NY pizza as I can find here in KC. (Believe me, I've looked). I actually saw a blog that listed "Pizza Shoppe" as a good one. Couldn't believe it. Now THAT is some nasty pizza. That business would last about 3 months tops if it opened up back east. When I bit into it, I thought it was frozen pizza someone warmed up.

            Waldo's is OK so is Minsky's, but nothing special. Typical midwest pizza.

            I found this to be true:

            On the east coast, pizza is all about the crust and the sauce. As you get further west it becomes all about the toppings. So if your about authentic New York style, fold it in half, cheese and oil sliding down your wrist--large slice pizza, then hit Originals on Antioch (de Bronx a distant second)

            If you like seventeen toppings on thick doughy crust, hit Minsky's or Waldo's.

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            1. re: kwdeb

              You do realize that you are replying to posts that are over 6 years old? :-)

              There are so many different kinds of pizza and different people like such different types, that there can be no best pizza.

              To me, Pizza is about the cheese, sauce, and toppings. My favorite pizzas are thin crust.. The best that I have found in the KC area is at Imo's Pizza on 135th in Overland Park. It is a local franchise of the 40 year old St. Louis pizza chain.

              1. re: KansasTravel

                Yes, I did realize that they are old posts. Did you realize that people still read them (like you) for information?

                I'm not trying to hold hands with everyone and have a world view on pizza, just voicing my opinion on good places that I found. And yes, there can be a best pizza if you like it a certain way. If you want to do the "we are all different and we all have a variety of like and dislikes" route, try Dominos. I hear they changed their sauce to accommodate everyone's taste. I think you'd like it.

                1. re: kwdeb

                  I appreciate the tip on Original's. I don't think d'Bronx has good pizza. Grinder's is decent, but I hated the Le Hog (great concept, poor execution . Minsky's and Waldo are both good thicker style pizzas, and I will give props to Waldo's pizza for still being good after a 45 minute delivery time. Blue Grotto (once hailed best in KC) wasn't good the one time I ate it. I still want to try Pizza Bella and Spin (can't judge til I do), but this is the third time I've heard Originals is the best, so I'm going to make a trip up north.

                  Does Imo's serve St. Louis style pizza (Provel cheese)? I had them at Lake of the Ozarks and didn't really care for them, but I've heard St. Louis style pizza is an acquired taste.

                  Pizza Bella
                  1810 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City, MO 64108

                  1. re: jhojati

                    Yes they use Provel cheese.

                    I think their St. Louis style pizza is much better than Johnny C's in Shawnee, thuogh Johnny C's isn't bad. But those are the only two places I have ever had pizza that was described as St. Louis style.

                    The Pizza Man in Lenexa has a good thin crust Chicago Pizza.

                    Pizza Man
                    807 S Marion Rd, Sioux Falls, SD 57106

                  2. re: kwdeb

                    You're new here, kwdeb. I think you'll find Chowhound isn't the kind of place where people hurl insults like that.

                    There's New York style pizza. There's Neapolitan pizza. There's Chicago-style pizza. There's pizza with medium-thickness crust and sweetish tomato sauce with lots of toppings. There's St. Louis-style cracker crust/Provel cheese pizza. And each and every one of these can be executed very well, and can be found done nicely in the KC area.

                    I love Pizza Bella, though I haven't visited since Rob Dalzell's departure (fare thee well, Rob and family). I also vote for Pizza 51's variety and family-run vibe, not to mention the terrific value. It's somewhere in the NY-style neighborhood, but its custom slices aren't the kind where they take the basic premade cheese slice, top it, then rebake it.

                    I've had Spin! when I loved it, and other times when it didn't quite do it for me.

                    If you like Imo's, try Leo's on Englewood in the Northland. It's the definition of a hole in the wall, but I think it does Imo's one better myself. But MAN is that stuff rich, with easily twice the Provel you get other places. I can eat about two square pieces before I have to pack it in and take it home -- usually to freeze for later.

                    And yes, jhojati, as KansasTravel says, St. Louis-style is a major acquired taste. It's actually about as far from Neapolitan pizza as you can get (well, other than "school pizza" they served us in the cafeteria as a kid -- plain ground beef and American cheese on pie crust, which everyone but me apparently loved). Don't really think of it as pizza and you may enjoy it.

                    Pizza 51
                    5060 Oak St, Kansas City, MO 64112

                    Pizza Bella
                    1810 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City, MO 64108

                    1. re: dmd_kc


                      I was there once many years ago, but could not remember the name. Glad to hear they are still open.

                      I've heard a lot about Spin and tried their Olathe location once. It was OK, but I thought it was nothing to rave about.

                      I rarely get to eat pizza anymore, since I have to severely limit the carbs that I eat. (another reason to eat thin crust:-) So I am pretty choosy about those times I do.

                      1. re: KansasTravel

                        Leo's is not only open; it's PACKED, especially on weekend nights. When I was a kid, they had an outpost at Antioch and 95th Street in JoCo, but that's long gone.

                        The salads with the huge wad of strings of Provel is a hoot. Not sure I'd call it really good, but I enjoyed my first one in over a decade when we stopped in several weeks ago. Like Pizza Shoppe, it's one of a kind.

                2. re: kwdeb

                  I recently ate at Original Pizza in the Oak Park Mall location. The slices looked like they had been sitting there for 2 hours, so we ordered a whole pizza - sausage and pepperoni. The person helping us (I think the manager/owner) was very friendly, so I tipped him. The pizza came out pretty quickly. First impression was that it was undercooked. After a few bites, however, it was probably only barely undercooked and I enjoyed the crust. The sausage was not good at all - way too sweet, and, if there can be such a thing, way too plentiful. This was definitely greasy NY style pizza, which I liked. All in all, I don't know that I would go out of my way to eat Original regularly over Minsky's or Waldo, but it's definitely a good change of pace - maybe I'm just not a huge fan of NY-style pizza. I'm going to try once more, though, because it was good pizza and I'd like to see if this one time it just wasn't as good as usual. Also, is there a particular location that is better than others?

                  I still have Papa Keno's, Leo's, Spin!, and Pizza Bella to try - all way different styles. Has anybody heard anything about ingredient's pizza?

                  Pizza Bella
                  1810 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City, MO 64108

                  1. re: jhojati

                    Papa Keno's is its own thing, but it's pretty good. I have had several things at Ingredient's Plaza location, and, well -- I don't want to bash, really. But it was not good.

                    The Thai chicken pizza was all but inedible, with a puddle of watery peanut sauce in the middle that tasted like dessert topping. I'd also nominate their "Vietnamese dim sum chicken wrap" as not only the most incoherent sandwich "idea" I can remember seeing on a menu (just wrap your brain around that name), but also one of the least flavorful things I've ever had in a restaurant. The chicken was cooked almost past the rubbery stage, and the thing doesn't have a sauce of any kind on it.

                    And the fondue trio for dessert -- totally dreadful. Two of the sauces were disgusting, and the caramel one sat up into a solid mass before anyone could get a taste. I definitely won't be giving this place another try.

                    1. re: dmd_kc

                      Haha, thank you for the description. Not only was it entertaining, it saved me a trip. I won't waste my time.