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Feb 7, 2004 10:08 AM

La Bodega Badness Mpls

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My husband and I were in a tapas mood last night, and since Solera was super booked as usual, we decided to go to Bodega in uptown; big mistake. This was a bad and overpriced meal. We had a mushroom dish which tasted like it came from a can, ditto the meatballs. My husband got a squid stuffed with pine nuts and raisins which he had had before and liked but this time thought was cruddy, a potato in "spicy" tomato sauce with grainy potatoes and non-spicy sauce. The mussels were acceptable but nothing special, and ditto the calamari. Overall if the dinner hadn't been so pricey relatively speaking, it would have gotten a 5 out of 10, just for the ambience and wine, but with the prices for a whole meal, I have to go with about a 2 out of 10. To be honest I could not bear to look at the bill because I was so disappointed in the food the idea of paying for it made me sad, but I am assuming it was about $50 with wine. I had heard such good things about this place, what is the deal? Are there any good tapas places around that are not Solera?
Once again, sorry if this double posts, but I still can't stop that from happening, anyone know why?

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  1. Sorry for your experience. We had lunch there over a year ago. Using a 2 for l coupon, the meal was sparse but tasted good. I posted my results on chowhound. Others replied that Bodega was terrible, so you didn't find many good comments written about Bodega here.