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Dec 8, 2003 10:36 PM

Orcas Island Dining

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Will be staying in Olga on Orcas Island for 2 day/nites. Any suggestions?


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  1. Are you going sooner or later? If this trip is in summer, I would say go to Bilbo's Festivo (Mexican), in Eastsound, and sit in the outdoor courtyard. The food is overpriced and rather average, but the ambiance of the beautiful outdoor courtyard with its fireplace is so nice that it makes up for that. In the winter, I'd say only go if you are craving Mexican.

    Roses Breads and Specialties has a nice selection of cheeses, bread, wine, etc, in case you want to picnic or snack. They are located in Eastsound Square.

    Doe Bay Cafe is awful. The Olga Cafe is allright-they have a smallish menu of soups and sandwiches.

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      Rose's is the place to have lunch. They just opened a cafe, organic, simple, Slow Food, great wines. Inn at Ship Bay just outside of Eastsound has a great dinner program, fresh local ingredients. Fixed Price menu option, good sound kitchen, great food. They will close on the 13 th of December through New Years. Other options are much less spectacular, unless you prefer food from a can.

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        doe bay under new management, the food's excellent

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          this just in- the food at Doe Bay is awesome! the new chef is doing amazing things with the on site garden produce and other local goodies! they are a part of Slow Foods and are complete locavores! if you visit Orcas Island do not miss the Doe Bay Cafe..... it rocked my socks off!!!

        2. I can only recommend Olga Cafe in the Artworks
          building. The food is the Best quality on the Island.
          The Cinnamon Rolls and Sicilian Artichoke Pie are
          In the Summer,There's alot more to choose from.
          Just avoid The Outlook. It's extremely overpriced for
          the quality!
          Enjoy the Island,

          1. Not sure about their low-season hours of operation, but we had a great meal at Inn at Ship Bay just on the outskirts of Eastsound. A great menu that features lots of local products, meat, seafood, produce, etc., with a good wine list. Moderate to moderately-expensive but very tasty. And Christina's in central Eastsound is always a winner in my book.

            1. We were there just last month. We liked Rose's, Chimayo's, Olga's and the Rosario Resort. We thought that Christina was mediocre for the $ 145 we spent. Unfortunately, we could not get into Ship's Bay, and I had high hopes for that.

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                Ship Bay usually closes up in Dec-January (as do many places on the island). The owners take a long vacation. I was on the island earlier this month and wanted to go but they were closed. :(

              2. Christina's is almost always excellent, but very very expensive. Bilbos is good for a different mexican food experience, and reasonably priced. Ship Bay is very good. The restaurant at the Orcas Hotel is usually acceptable. Rose's is great for lunch. Unless you want a grease fix, stay away from Vern's, although its alright for breakfast or lunch safe items (never get the special).