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Oct 30, 2003 01:58 PM

Madison, WI - Christmas Eve - Anything open?

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I swear, I had a lovely selection of cookies from a convenience store for dinner the last time I arrived in Madison on xmas eve. Anybody have any better ideas?


Yes, I do start thinking about food a little too far in advance to be considered normal.

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    Cheesehead in Recovery

    If its still there, try Ellas Deli, on State. There was also a little place just off university that is a wonderful bookstore/ cafe. Ask any local, they'll know the name. Anotherone Sundance / Sunporch cafe (I forgot the name--Sun something) was also a great place. They had a place on State, upstairs, off of the street.
    There should a lot open - if I recall.

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      Ella's on State Street no longer exists. It was replaced by a nice bar and restaurant called Hawk's. I don't know if they'll be open on Chrismas Eve. I kind of doubt it. State Street joints are usually closed because the students are all gone. If you head up to the square or the near east side you'll find some action.

      There are lots of folks in Madison who aren't real big on Christianity or capitalism and choose not to observe this holiday. Mickey's is generally open on Christmas Eve but they don't serve food. I also often drink at the Argus on Christmas Eve. I know they usually serve food but I don't know what kind of hours their kitchen keeps. The Weary Traveler might be open. Call them at 608-442-6207 to find out.

      Perhaps my favorite spot for Chrismas Eve food is the Paradise Lounge. It's a hard-rockin' heavily-tattood dive but the prices are very reasonable, the food is tasty, and the staff and regulars are actually quite friendly.

      Of course you can always opt for the traditional Jewish Chrismas dinner and order Chinese. :)

    2. This is a shot in the dark but I remember, back in the day, being at the Laurel Tavern on Monroe St at Christmas to gather with old high-school friends who were home to see their parents. I can't remember if it was Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I do remember it being a nice crowd of neighborhood folks drinking a few beers and having some sandwiches.

      Might want to give them a try.

      Laurel Tavern
      2505 Monroe Street