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Sep 15, 2003 11:09 PM

Fine Dining in Duluth, Minnesota

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Anyone have any recommendations for a good, gourmet style restaurant in Duluth? We haven't been there for about 12 years and we will be there 2 nights in October. I got so much help on my Stillwater dining question, I thought I might as well ask for help with Duluth.

Would appreciate any input!

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  1. k
    k. gerstenberger

    Using the search window on the Chowhound homepage type Duluth and voila!

    "Fine" dining may have entered the picture recently, but not in my day. There's a schmancy place over near Bayfield if you're up for a trek, but to be honest the menu seemed a little out of place. I think it was called Wild Rice, and was built by an heir to a window manufacturing fortune.


    1. l

      You might want to try Bennett's on the Lake on Superior Street, nice views and decent food. Also, although not gourmet but certainly different, The New Scenic Cafe which is on the scenic loop of Highway 61 heading towards Two Harbors has a Lake view and very unusual and good foods. Both are listed on the Duluth Chamber of Commerece website and have menus and hours posted there.

      1. m
        mark grossman

        can give a MAJOR thumbs up to the Pickwick, a Duluth dining institution, family owned and a throwback to an era before chains and foo-foo yuppie eateries. wonderful walleye and prime rib and nice views of Lake Superior. located on east superior street near Fitgers Hotel, another Duluth landmark. my mouth waters thinking of the place. not gourmet as such but very satisfying dining.

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        1. re: mark grossman

          I'll second the thumbs-up on the Pickwick... we were staying at Fitgers a while back and planned to eat at Bennett's (same building), but didn't like the menu; it seemed like one of those places for people who are bored with the standard steak + potato + veg, and we're not. So we went next door to the Pickwick. Nice classic steak, reasonable price.

        2. j
          Jim Grinsfelder

          Pizza Luce opened up a branch in Duluth. It's not a suit and tie place, but the food is probably some of the best in Duluth.

          I ate there with my wife and kids 2 weeks ago. It was fresh salads beyond iceberg, pretty good pizza, a nice beer list, some wines you wouldn't gag on and, incongruously, mediocre mexican food.

          1. I will second the recommendation of The Scenic Cafe. It is just outside of Duluth, a few miles up the scenic route of Hwy. 61. It is not "fine dining" in the sense that you'll need to dress up and can have cocktails, etc. (it is actually very casual), but they serve some of the best and definitely most creative food on the North Shore. Their desserts are fabulous! I stop there every time I go up north. Nice view of the Lake.