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Sep 7, 2003 05:33 PM

Breakfast in Cincinnati?

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I will be staying in Covington, KY next weekend and am looking for a good breakfast place in the Cincinnati area. Nothing fancy just a casual place. Any recommendations?

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  1. There might be a place or two in Covington (near the Main Strasse area) that might have a decent breakfast,possibly the Fort Wright Family Restaurant just west of Kyles Lane and Dixie Highway, a couple miles away. Unless a local knows of some other place, you'll probably have better luck heading over to Cincy. One place that is pretty well-known (Voted #1 in Cincy for breakfast) is a place called First Watch--4 locations on the Ohio side, including one downtown (700 Walnut). Dynamite blueberry pancakes and other breakfast things--my personal recommendation would be any place that serves decent goetta (pronounced GET-uh), a local German dish similar to scrapple in the northeast. You really should try some goetta and eggs in addition to whatever else you get. Good luck, and let us know where you went and what you thought of it.

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      Sweet Willie

      I was in Cincinnati recently visiting my nephew who goes to the U of Cin. I asked him to take me to a local breakfast joint. We ended up at First Watch. I have to assume there are joints w/more local flavor and more "down and dirty" food, but First Watch was enjoyable. I think they have a website.

      KyMikey, you mention going to a place that "serves decent goetta" Where are these places?



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        Well, I'm not much of a breakfast person, so I hardly ever eat breakfast (often I will wind up at Perkins) so I can't recommend any places as such--but if I was to eat somewhere, I would try to go to a place that has goetta (most local breakfast places do). Some places (e.g. Perkins) don't list it on the menu, but will substitute it for some other meat or side. I guess it's a subjective thing, but I don't really recall having any bad goetta in recent past. Some German fests have it during the day. Many purists would cringe if you asked for some syrup or something to put on it. I guess you could always call ahead to see if it's on the menu.

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          I forgot a really cool place in N. Ky (in Erlanger on Dixie Hgwy) called Colonial Cottage. It is in an old stone building (easy to drive right by it) immediately south (adjacent parking lot) to the Silver Lake shopping center (Radio Shack, Blockbuster, Kroger, etc.) They have generous portions, GREAT goetta and eggs (served anytime they're open!), good coffee--a winner for breakfast. Never had a bad meal there. Try to beat the church crowd on Sunday as that is probably their busiest time.

    2. There is a great place for brunch on Sundays in Covington. It is called "wildflour" and its located at 308 Greenup St. You can check out a review below.


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        Wildflour is now Jean-Robert's Greenup Cafe - - and it is a great place to grab breakfast or brunch. Be prepared to wait on the weekends.

      2. In Newport, KY (very close to Covington) is the Pepper Pod. This is not fancy at all like First Watch but a good ole place for breakfast. They have Goetta and everything else like that. The best part though is the people watching. You get a little bit of everything. For instance, my lawyer parents go on the weekend and generally sitting next to them on one side are the local bikers and then on the other side are people who have just gotten off of work. It has a lot of local flavor.

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          I'm going to The Iron Horse in Glendale for Easter brunch. Has anyone been there?
          Is it worth the price?

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            I've had their regular Sunday brunch a couple of times and I like it very much. I don't know if they're planning anything special for Easter.

        2. CAMP WASHINGTON CHILI for goetta is a must do for breakfast.