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Sep 1, 2003 09:14 PM

Sioux City?

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I've searched the board for Sioux City chow and there isn't much here. Does anyone have any new recommendations for food in Sioux City (specifically for a food gift certificate)? TIA.

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  1. There is a really good Minerva's in Sioux Falls. I was told by a man in Sioux City that there is also a Minerva's in his town. If it is the same owners, then I think it's a sure bet for good food. A phone call would let you know and then you can also get a gift certificate.

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    1. re: Jane

      Thank you! I will check on that. I remember eating at Minerva's in Sioux Falls about 12 years ago. Glad to hear it is still around.

    2. Ate at a great steak place on Sunday that was right on the Missouri River......called Bev's.

      I had an 8oz Filet Mignon that was to die for! I chose the steamed asparagus which was served with a Hollandaise sauce.

      Got to check it out.

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      1. re: TyY

        I wouldn't go to Bev's unless you enjoy slow service...we've been three times and actually got up and left once after our server never stopped by the table - and we'd been seated 20 minutes! Kahill's at the Marina is a better choice if you're looking for a quality restaurant experience in Sioux City. There's a Minerva's re-opening this fall too, which is less formal then Kahill's but has delicious food.

        1. re: ExercisetoEat

          As a follow up to this post, the Minerva's has opened in Sioux City but leaves quite a bit to be desired. We've tried it several times so far with very lackluster service, bordering on terrible on a few occasions (the server actually went off shift and disappeared entirely without a replacement). The food is not too bad, and the building is nice. Kahill's at the Marina still has the best overall experience, but in general the food in Sioux City is dismal. One bright spot is Fuji Bay, where they have decent sushi and bento boxes. The fish is flown in fresh weekly and the sushi chef does a respectable job of putting out the standards.

        2. re: TyY

          Always heard Bev's had great food but there is one thing when you go west of the Mississippi that you have to have a Great Steakhouse and that is a Beverage. The night I was there the Keg blew on the last of Fat Tire. The bar did not have a backup keg on standby................I had to make a tough decision but decided to leave for Kahill's across the river.

          Kahill's had Fat Tire on tap. I first ordered an appetizer which was the BBQ ribs, there were fantastic. A nice sweet and mild spicy taste and the ribs were cooked to perfection. Next was the salad, I ordered with bluecheese dressing. I asked the waitress what kind of bluecheese they used and she semed confused and told me they made it there.....WOW! later found out they get it off the back of their delivery truck and for this part of the country you would expect Maytag blue no avail. The blue cheese was not very good and was very mild. On to the main course. I ordered NY strip and lobster. The lobster turned out fine but the steak I asked for Med rare was just ok. It was not the best piece of meat I had ever had........Next time Bev have Fat Tire on tap!

        3. I have been out of the area for ten years and am moving back soon. I was wondering if anyone has been to El Fredo Pizza lately and is it still good like i remember it being during my childhood? Also is there any good new restaurants of any kind? Lastly i was wondering how the farmers market is now.

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          1. re: bremfoodie

            Welcome back...I've spent many years in the Bremerton vicinity and miss the water and fresh fish! Be sure to check out Diamond Thai on 7th street for wonderful Thai food, Fuji Bay (yes Sioux City actually has decent sushi, with fish flown in weekly), and the Farmer's market on Floyd Blvd. where they now have an organic/local grocery store open daily but sadly no longer have a restaurant. Otherwise the standbys of Kahill's and Minerva's pretty much round it out for decent meals. I don't know about El Fredo as I haven't made it there.

            1. re: ExercisetoEat

              Fuji Bay isn't all midwesternized like Hu Hot is it? I really would rather not have a steak and potato roll. I did find some resent reviews for El Fredo and they did look like it’s still good. You may want to go check it out.

              1. re: bremfoodie

                Oh no, it's the closest thing to an authentic sushi joint I've seen outside of Omaha. I came to the area from the West Coast and was delighted to find decent sushi. It won't blow your socks off, but it is one of the better places in town and very reliable for sashimi, hamachi kama, various maki rolls, etc. The service can be very slow depending on how many people are there due to only one sushi chef, a chef doing the "hot" food in back, and one or two waitstaff. But if you aren't in a hurry, it's worth the wait.

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                I've eaten Thai food all over the country and am astounded at how good the food at Diamond Thai is! It's crafted with a subtlety and care that elevates it about the usual...and there are many, many unusual items on the menu, as well. We've eaten there at least six times since they opened and always have a marvelous meal.

                Da Kao, right down the street, still maintains its high standards in Vietnamese food, as they have for at least 15 years, as well.

              3. re: bremfoodie

                yes el frados is still the best pizza ever omg their sauce is amazing

              4. If you're in Sioux City, you should take the 20 minute drive north to LeMars and get dry aged steak at Archie's Waeside. Delicious and an incredible value.

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                1. re: pollymerase

                  I assume you are from LeMars and I was wondering if you know anything about Heritage Berkshire Pork. I found it on a Google search. I am always looking for the best. If you have any experience with them I would like to know.

                  1. re: bremfoodie

                    The Firehouse Market and the adjacent meat shop on, I think, lower Fourth in downtown Sioux City are good resources for locally grown meat.

                    As far as Sioux City restaurants are concerned, I can't wait to try the Green Gables again because it is an icon. Also, the Milwaukee Weiner House is an institution and pretty darn good, I think. Is Theo's still open in Lawton?

                    Oh, i alway liked Buffalo Alice for pizza, too.

                    1. re: bremfoodie

                      The One Stop Meat Shop (nextdoor to the Firehouse Market) sells heritage Berkshire pork, however they only sell frozen meat. The shoulder bacon is unbelievably fantastic if they have it in stock, and the pork chops are wonderful. I have not found anywhere in the area that sells fresh Berkshire pork.

                      1. re: ExercisetoEat

                        Call Berkridge, they export berkshire pork all over the world, but most of the time if you call they'll let you stop in their office and buy some. I pick up a bone in loin once every month or so. Their bacon isn't very good, but the bellies they sell look amazing. Speaking of bacon, the smokehouse grille has some of the best bacon I've found in the area...berkshire bacon that they sell by the pound (its in the area where they sell their sauces). It's a country-style bacon, so it gets cured like a pancetta or salami. Their charcuterist (sp?) is a little long winded, you've been forwarned.

                        1. re: ExercisetoEat

                          I went on-line to sing the praises of One-Stop Meat Shop. We had a family reunion in LeMars this weekend. We bought both beef and bison steaks from this Sioux City gem. Winter isn't here yet- keep BBQin' outside and buy local meats from this place. Skip Bev's and Minerva's...

                          1. re: ExercisetoEat

                            The One Stop Meat Shop also has some amazing homemade pies!

                      2. I am in Sioux City quite a bit and I like Kahill's and Fuji Bay. Minerva's was fine and Bev's was terrible, both for food and service. Too bad, since it has a nice view.

                        I also like Hungry's for their filet - it is a little outside of Sioux City, on the Nebraska side.

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                        1. re: SFLisa

                          minervas is okay middle class american fare. for other midwesterners, its like a granite city.... in that food sensical way... its like a nicer applebees... but not really a "neighborhood" place..

                          bevs has a decent menu and actually has a "chef". but alas bad service. food is inconsistant.

                          if you want real good sioux city food (which is lacking)...
                          check out Milwaukee Weiner House, Jerry's Pizza, Botichellis, Fuji Bay, Tastee in and Out..... and maybe lucianos on 4th...

                          sioux city really needs some better restaurants tho

                          1. re: leehunbeltipo

                            Another bright spot in town is Diamond Thai on 7th street. It's one of my favorites along with Fuji Bay and Kahill's. The owner used to run a Thai restaurant in Berkeley, CA and knows what he is doing food wise. The decor and service is very minimal but clean and respectable. You can bring your own beer or wine in and they will give you a bottle opener, since they don't have a liquor license. They are now closed on Mondays as it's a small staff.