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Madras Masala

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I just returned home, to Washington DC, after a pleasant two months in Ann Arbor, Michigan. One of the things that made the trip was discovering Madras Masala on Maynard St. This is really a top-notch Indian restaurant, and I'm happy to recommend it to everyone. It's hard enough finding good South Indian food, and this place has an excellent selection. I was also intrigued and very pleasantly surprised by the selection of "Chinese" items, which I gather are interpretations of Chinese dishes for the Indian palatte. Whatever, the two dishes I tried worked very well - the Chili Chicken and the Garlic Chicken.

Great place...it's pretty much brand new, and deserves people's attention.

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  1. A classic recommendation. Food was awesome and they were able to spice it to the level we wanted. Definetly a perfect recommendation for South Indian and Indian Chinese..

    Link: http://www.madrasmasala.com

    1. If you don't already know, Washington, DC has the most amazing Indian food restaurant called White Tiger. It is near Union Station.

      1. I am from Scotland where they serve the best indian cuisine anywhere and I went to this place with friends and every thing about it was aweful lousy food,disgusting toilets, no alchol please e-mail me for indepth details
        please please disreguard the aforementioned remarks it is the worst I have been in HONESTLY

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        1. A lot can change in the THREE YEARS since the original comment was posted.

          1. Yeah, it's not even the best in Ann Arbor, never mind anywhere else. I've never been a fan.

            1. where would you wise people say is the best Indian place around here ie I live in Fowlerville (yeah I know the back of beyounds)lol.

              1. Mysore Woodlands (the takeout place near Kerrytown) has very good South Indian. The weekend lunch buffet at Madras Masala is my preference over their regular sit-down service.

                1. Are you grousing about Madras Masala in Ann Arbor or White Tiger in D.C.? It sounds terrible. I hope it is the one in D.C.

                  1. On your next trip to Ann Arbor, stop off at Tandoori on US-20 just north of the Ohio Turnpike in Maumee, South of Toledo. It's easy to get back on 23 to continue to Ann Arbor.

                    The food is great, the service is gracious, and the restrooms are clean. (Closed Monday)

                    Lee Green

                    1. Unless things have really changed in the past year, Madras Masala is still my pick of downtown Ann Arbor Indian restaurants. I don't recall the state of their restrooms but the food was always good, whether buffet or not.

                      If you want to go for a drive there's a much larger yet more dispersed Indian population in parts of Oakland County like Farmington Hills and Troy and a really good restaurant is Priya, which I think has locations in both cities.

                      1. It was the worst indian restaurant I have tried