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Mpls True Thai - why so rude?

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We went to True Thai yesterday for dinner - well, we TRIED to go, and I need to sound off: the host was so rude, my husband swears he'll never go there again.
We usually eat late, a terrible habit if you live in the TCs. So we called TT from the road at 8:45 and asked about their hours. The host responded that they closed at 9 PM. So we got there at 8:58... and he told us they stop sitting people at 8:50. Fine, but his delivery was so rude, we were shocked (and my husband was SO MAD)! I understand if they cannot sit us - but they do not have the right to spoil our Saturday evening!!
Anyway, we ended up having a great meal at ALMA... and that helped improve my hubby's mood =)

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  1. I'm sorry you had a bad experience at True Thai. I've been there several times and have always been treated quite nicely. But I've only been there during the day. Maybe you caught them on a bad night. But even so that's no excuse for being rude.

    1. I'm really sorry to hear that, too. I've usually had good service, but I've noticed that they are firm about their closing hours. I ordered take away one day and explained I would pick it up at 8:45. The host explained several times that I had to be there before 9. They should relax about that!

      1. I have had very similar experiences twice at True Thai. It is a conlfict for me because the food is so good, but the owner is such a jerk. I have resigned myself to going there, but just less often.

        I knew they closed strangely early (9 p.m. on Saturday nights even), so I called at about 8 p.m. to see how long the wait was and to see if we could get on the waiting list. The owner practically scolded me, and told me they don't have a waiting list and that they close at 9:00 but really stop serving at 8:50, but they had a half hour wait so if i did not get in there in 10 minutes they might not serve me. I was surprised to call and express an interest in giving someone my business and to get in return a lecture. Perhaps inspired by seeing the Seinfeld "Soup Nazi" episode recently, I decided to go anyway. And the food was really excellent -- the best Thai I have had in the Twin Cities.

        On another occassion, I showed up at 8:55, and was told they had stopped serving. When I asked him why that was if they were open until 9:00, he started yelling at me about how he wanted to protect his staff. I thought it was kind of ironic then that when I was in there this weekend, he was balling out one of his waitresses for what seemed to be a minor paperwork mistake.

        I also had another strange thing happen there with service on another occassion. One of the waiters was pouring my beer and spilled about a third of it on the table. I figured standard restaurant etiquitte would be for him to replace it. He just looked at me and smiled and said sorry.

        One of my biggest pet peeves is when people complain about the service at Asian restaurants run by Asians, and confuse language difficulties with poor service. In fact, some of the friendliest service I have had in town is at Asian owned Asian restaurants, including Jasmine Deli, the now closed Chan's, and Evergreen. Actually at Evergreen last week, I walked in at 8:35 (and they closed at 8:30). The owner happily served me and talked to me for a while about Taiwanese cuisine and his restaurant. It was a very positive experience and the food was very good. Getting back to True Thai, I have had great service from the Thai waitresses who work there, and consistently negative experiences with the caucasian waiters and managers.

        I would still recommend True Thai for the food but just go early and don't expect to get rolled out the red carpet.

        1. The husband and wife owners of True Thai are a case of opposites attracting. The wife is wonderfully welcoming and friendly, and will bend over backwards to be nice to customers. The husband is a real grouch, but he's never been rude to me - just terse and always frazzled.

          Still, this place is my favorite Thai restaurant in town. Just keep in mind that you can't show up 2 minutes before they close and expect to be served. Although some places let you do this, many don't - True Thai is one that doesn't. Not surprising for a small mom-and-pop restaurant.


          P.S. Glad you were able to salvage the evening at Alma. What did you eat?

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            Hey, Anne, the original post just celebrated its fourth birthday. <grin> Haven't seen MariQ around here in a while.

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              Oops - sorry! I didn't notice the old date, just the topic in the recent Midwest threads. Darn those bumps!

              Well, the husband is still grouchy, the wife is still incredibly nice, and the food is still fabulous.


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                The husband is not a husband, is my understanding. He is a co-owner and a total, uh, grouch.

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                  Aha. My mistake - I thought I had read a review saying that the co-owners were married. Their non-married state makes more sense, though.

                  And now I'm hungry for True Thai. Luckily, they're open on Mondays.


          2. The bottom line is that a restaurant must be prepared to seat and serve customers during their posted business hours. Imagine showing up to the video store at 8:58pm and being told you'd have needed to start browsing 8 minutes ago to rent a movie that evening. It is equally absurd to be told that you'd have needed to be ready to give someone your money for food 8 minutes earlier despite the fact the door says 9pm.
            Moreover, the time of day should have no bearing on the quality of service or product you receive. This is simply how business should be conducted as a matter of course. This isn't going above and beyond, this is what customers should and do expect.
            Finally, I can tell you that True Thai has been on my short list of must-try spots for some time. This story will most definitely keep me from ever trying it. Chai's is closer, has spectacular food, terrific service and will seat and feed me even after their posted hours have lapsed.

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              Had dinner at True Thai last night. The food and service were great. Sometimes we all have a bad day.

            2. Folks, please help us keep this board focused on sharing tips on where to find great chow locally If you'd like to discuss restaurant closing times, please head to the Not About food board, where some of the off topic posts from this thread have been moved: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/43490...