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Jul 15, 2003 07:00 PM

Pasties in UP Michigan

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Can anyone recommend a great place to find pasties in Michigan's Upper Peninsula? I'd like to avoid the usual tourist traps. THANKS!!

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  1. Hi Becky - just go to downtown Munising and go into any local place. They are very authentic. I would advise you to hold off on the gravy. If you're a first time pastie person, it can be a little overwhelming. The U.P. is special. Try to get to the Jam Pot over by Eagle Harbor east of Copper Harbor on 26. Won't tell you what it's all about but any local can guide you there. It will leave a lasting impression. Hint: it's shop, not a place to sit down and eat.

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      I've tried three places in the past two years in St. Ignace. Suzy's (West on Hwy.2) is by far the best! (July 15, 2003) You can get them to eat there, take out, or frozen to take home.


    2. I seem to recall a place called the Red Onion , it was somewhere past St. Ignace on the way to Munising . We used to say that anywhere before that was tourist food , but that was like 18 years ago . However , time moves slow up there , so I bet the onion is still around . BTW , the U.P. is a BIG place , whereabout are you going ?

      1. While people are discussing pasties in northern Michigan, does anyone know the name of the pastie place in Traverse City? I was there last summer, and it was very good. Sorry Becky, it does not help you with pasties in the UP. But I am going to be in TC next week, and all this pastie talk has made me want to re-visit this place.

        1. Thanks so much for the responses. Confession: I'm not actually going to the UP - I'm working on a food project that requires me to hunt down "the best place for a pasty in MI." After blundering around the internet, I just had the impression that pasties were integral to the UP area. My leads so far include: Joe's Pasty Shop, Ironwood; Muldoons Pasties, Munising; and - maybe this is the place in Traverse City? - Cousin Jerry's Cornish Pasties at 129 S. Union Street. Any feedback on any of these places? I'm desperate....

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            I know for sure we used to stop in Munising for them , and they were unfailingly good . Again , it's been many years , but every place in town that served pasties made good ones . It's not like it's a huge city , so I've probably been there . Plus , it's a beautiful town . If you are in the Detroit area , and want to try the closest thing to a UP pasty , and possibly get some good tips about up north places , try Barb's Pasties on Main Street , south of 14 Mile in Clawson . They make some damn good pasties , and know people from Eagle Harbor that I know , so they're the real deal .

          2. mackinaw city has some good pasties one that is called something like mackinaw pastie bakery and another just regular downtown mackinaw city diner that has great pasties sorry i cant be more helpful.also i realize mackinaw city isnt in the UP