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Jul 11, 2003 01:52 PM

Good eats in Lawrence, KS?

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I'm a New Orleanian who just moved to Lawrence KS. I love the city but know I won't be able to find a decent Oyster Po-Boy here. What about BBQ and Mexican food, though? Any recommendations from those of you who have spent time here? Thanks in advance.


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  1. Try Ixtapa at the corner of 23rd and Iowa.

    1. Sorry I can't help with those specific requests, but go to Wheatfields every time you are sorry you had to leave NO. If you get a cinnamon roll, you'll be glad you did.

      1. For the oyster Po' Boy, about the best I've found around here (and the only one I've found) is at Jefferson's at (8th?) & Mass. I agree with the earlier poster who said Ixtapa has the best Mexican food around. Cheap, really friendly, and head and shoulders above El Mezcal or any of the other places.

        1. My favorite mexican place is El matador in north lawrence. It's just homey and nice and the food is tasty and reasonably priced. La familia is good too. Burrito King is really good in that ultra-cheap, massive quantities of food way. Their tacos are really good, but the shells are consistently stale, so that sucks.

          If you like onion rings (or fries), check out Conroy's pub on west 6th street. Theirs are huge and sweet.

          I don't recommend Vermont street BBQ. Free state has some good stuff - I'm partial to the portabello mushroom sandwich. Aladdin's cafe downtown is pretty good. India palace is still one of my favorites.

          1. i would disagree on vermont street. pulled pork, ribs, tips, chicken are all usually very good. bigg's is in a strip mall at 24th and iowa, but has good food, too.

            they are only open til 7pm or so, but grandaddy's in north lawrence has very good barbeque,. great ribs and a good sandwich called 'da bomb.' don's steak house serves good ribs, but is generally a steak joint, as name would suggest.

            most of the mom and pop mexican joints have some merit, la familia, la tropicana and el matador(both in no. lawrence), ixtapa especially. el mezcal is overrated. for gringo-mex the salty iguana, way out west on sixth and wakarusa, has some good dishes and is a good place for kids.

            jefferson's is fine for bar food generally, but you won't find anything like a nawlins oyster po'boy in lawrence. sorry.