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Jul 2, 2003 03:26 PM

Anywhere good to eat in Oshkosh, Wisconsin?

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Going up there this weekend from Chicago, anywhere good to eat up there, or on the way up?

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    Sweet Willie

    On the way up, through Milwaukee, there is the Speed Queen BBQ. I just wrote up a review about 2 months ago.

    Get an outside shoulder BBQ sandwich. Some of the best BBQ in the Midwest easy.

    It is right off of the expressway.

    1. Schreiner's Restaurant in Fond du Lac is worth a visit. The place is sort of a throwback to the family restaurants of yesteryear without any pretention of tyring to be retro. Everything is neat as a pin, the waitstaff are all in white with little hats, they still serve Salisbury steak and chop suey, and the deserts are heavy on the pies. Haven't been there in a few years but I can't imagine that much has changed.

      You will find it at the intersection of Hwys 41 and 21 which should be right on your way to Oshkosh.

      (P.S. Speed Queen suggested by Sweet Willie is also a very good choice.)

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        Back in the '70's when we would visit my dear Grandma in Fond du lac we would always have Sunday dinner at Schreiner's. The fried chicken and pies is what I remember. It's comforting that somethings never change.

      2. good mex at Mazatlan on the east frontage road along 41. This is the couple's second establishment. Their first is on Main St. in Fond du Lac, WI.

        The Oshkosh place is newer and a step up in atmosphere.

        1. I am shocked to see that no Chowhounders have mentioned Andy & Ed's. An authentic carhop, complete with roller skating girls. Burgers are terrific – soft buns, thin burgers. Up there with In N Out or Shake Shack for sure. Fries are great too – crinkled, crispy and served with tartar sauce if you want. Root beer is house-made, of course. Worth it for the experience alone – but the food will keep you coming back! I absolutely loved this place.