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Jun 18, 2003 07:24 PM

Pupusas in St. Louis or anywhere in the midwest

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I am looking for a Salvadoran/Honduran delicasy called pupusa. It is corn masa with either cheese or cheese and pork stuff in the middle. The whole thing is flattened like a tortilla and then put on a griddle and then served with a cabbage salad. I need a fix, bad.

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  1. Think Nebraska qualifies as "anywhere"

    In Lincoln try El Salvadora in SW part of town.
    Family owned. variety of dishes including corn tamals.

    Further west in Grand Island there are a couple places that serve pupusas.

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      This is probably further away than you'd like, but there are at least a couple joints that serve pupusas in the Twin Cities.

      The one that I'm familiar with is La Hacienda (don't be put off by the large "Gyros" banner, although for some reason they do serve them) on W. 7th St. in St. Paul. It's owned by a Salvadoran family, although they serve Mexican, Peruvian, and, as mentioned, Greek foods. The pupusas are tasty, although they frequently get the bean & cheese mixed up with the chicharron (pork) & cheese.

      I think they also have pupusas at Mercado Central in Mpls. Good luck!

    2. Have you tried La Tropicana? It's a hispanic market downtown-ish with carry-out dining. They have a wonderful selection of difficult-to-find dishes. They've also pointed me in the right direction when they can't fulfill a craving. good luck!

      1. Several places here in Chcago have them. Las Delicias, in Lincoln Square, a nice, diverse neighborhood, specializes in them. Search the Chicago board for more.

        1. I feel you... I live in a Salvadorean neighborhood in DC (but grew up in STL) and pupusas are a major part of my life.

          I seem to remember that Columbia, MO has some central american places... In fact, in much of the midwest, you can actually find better latin groceries and restaurants out in the boonies and farm communities, since there are a lot of migrant farmworkers from Mexico and Central America.

          The pan-latin grocery store in U-City (Tropicana?) is a good place to ask, it is really the hub of the small latino community in STL.

          But hold tight, there's bound to be a pupuseria opening up in STL soon, if there isn't one already. As a last resort, you can definitely buy the curtido in bottles (and I'm sure it's available online) and I've even seen pupusas in the freezer section at my local grocery.