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Jun 15, 2003 02:13 PM

Huge Pizza in St Louis-on recent Food TV top 10 pigouts in US?

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Did you happen to see in late May or early June a Food TV show where they listed top 10 pig out places in US? One of them was a very oversized Pizza in St Louis. Do not remeber name, but as it happens will be going to St Louis. Do you know this place and how do you rate it?

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  1. That would be Pointer's Pizza in Richmond Heights. I haven't had it. You can check out their web site at

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      hi, just to weigh in on the pizza. i think that it is indeed Pointers Pizza, though i missed the broadcast that the OP was referring to. i go to school in st. louis and our student committee always orders PP for any and every event (i think it's simply a volume issue). however, it is really nothing special. expect a huge pizza, but not much else.

      just a thought.