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May 29, 2003 03:33 PM

Snoot Sandwich- A St. Louis Favorite...

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With all the talk of the fried brains, my interest was piqued into finding out where I can go to get a snoot sandwich in St. Louis. I guess it's a sandwich, right? I've lived here all my life and have never had one. Maybe I'll make a day of it. Fried brains for lunch and snoot for dinner. Any suggestions?

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  1. A great snoot sandwich can be found in the little "food court" area of the indoor part of Soulard Market. It's a rather large sandwich on white bread with pickles and onion (It's nothing to sneeze at!). Consistency is similar to eating a dense pork rind sandwich. Bon Appetit!

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    1. re: Tcharles

      Snoot sandwich = white bread, onions, pickles

      that is all?

      1. re: Sweet Willie

        And don't forget my personal favorite, a fried tripe sandwich. White bread, onions, pickles and lots of yellow mustard.

        1. re: Sweet Willie

          Well of course there is a whole pig's snout on the sandwich too! Nostrils and all! Thus the name - Snoot Sandwich

        2. re: Tcharles

          Try Mama's Coal Pot, the ribs carryout place at the Market in the Loop on Delmar.

          1. re: Tcharles

            Red's Rib Shack in Maryville, IL has great snoots, ribs, pulled pork, chicken. And I've never found a bristle (pig whisker) in one of their snoots, something that is all to common at other joints around town I've been to.