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Mar 31, 2003 10:28 AM

Cleveland Recommendations

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My friend is going to a conference in Cleveland and is looking for good, cheap, preferably ethnic places. Yep, i checked the archive, but i'm also hoping to come up with some current recommendations. Many thanks.


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  1. From what I am led to believe about Sokolowski's University Inn it may fit the bill for your friend. I have not eaten there so cannot speak from experience, but it's a place I want to try. Its located in the Tremont area and is a reasonable cab ride from downtown. You probably want to let folks know what area your friend will be staying in, since I just assumed you were talking downtown, which makes the most sense.

    Parma Pierogi may be another spot to try, but that will probably require a car to get to from downtown.

    Good Luck

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      I have been to "Sokolowski's University Inn" a total of 4 times and highly recomend the place! Great food, reasonably priced and nice staff!!!

    2. cleveland has had its own hosted food website for many years so go to and post for more tips. i'd suggest a visit to the westside market. a working persons market with lots of cheap ethnic food. pizza bagels! wacky pierogies!

      nearby is GREAT LAKES BREWERY for fine local color, great beers, try the lake erie walleye/perch bites appetizer. HECK'S also nearby is a pretty old pub with good burgers, as is LOZADO'S for puerto rican food. try RUTHIE & MOE'S diner downtown for breakfast. yes, maybe SOKOLOWSKI'S too. if you go there tip the piano player, have a bottle of the house green apple soda and check out the view out back. ps--go to SHOOTER'S in the flats if you catch great weather.

      1. Anatolia Cafe -great turkish food 13915 Cedar Rd
        i hear jaipur junction is good, better than kashmir or mughal palace
        the palestinian delis and mexican restaurants on Lorain avenue

        1. Try Phnom Penh (on West 25th Street, near the West Side Market)for amazing Pan-Asian cuisine, and don't order it spicey unless you really mean it!! Almost next door is Nates -- very cheap and good Middle Eastern food -- but only for lunch. There is a whole neighborhood full of good and reasonably cheap Asian restaurants (St. Clair-Superior neighborhood -- E. 30th to E. 55th). There is a new Peruvian place downtown, but I haven't been yet. Plenty of Italian fare in Little Italy, but generally not cheap. By the way, Ruthie & Moe's is unfortunately long gone.

          1. Cleveland has some great, inexpensive places, especially if you like foreign food. I agree that Phnom Penh on W. 25th is fabulous and cheap Cambodian food. I also agree that you don't want to order anything spicy unless you really like it hot. I enjoy fairly hot food and always order everything mild there (as opposed to most other places where I order it spicy.) Anatolia Cafe at Cedar Centar in South Euclid is also very moderate and serves Turkish food. Delicious, and the staff is very friendly and efficient. Both of these places serve wonderful tasting food in large portions and for about $15 per person.
            A third place I would recommend is in Richmond Heights, called Hunan East. Although it looks like a typical storefront Chinese restaurant, they have a menu written in Manderin only (although there is a picture book showing many of the dishes, so Americans can order from it)with Chinese dishes that you may never have seen or tasted. The owner is from Shanghai, so the cooking is different from the normal Cantonese or Sczechian. HUGE portions, super fast service and a bill for two around $25! Outstanding!!
            Some other good choices would be Minn Ahn, a Vietnamese restaurant on Detroit Blvd., and Alladin's (many locations) which has Middle Eastern food or Tazzas (also Middle eastern)or Tommy's (Coventry Rd).
            Lastly , good reasonable Cajun food can be found at Fat Fish Blue (downtown near Public Square)and great burgers can be found at a local chain, Yours Truly. Thses are really great burgers and again, very reasonable prices.