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Feb 15, 2003 09:19 PM

80th birthday, Appleton Wisconsin area

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We will be flying out from CA. to help celebrate my Mother In-laws 80th. Can you suggest a place for this special event. There will be 8-10 of us and we would like to celebrate in style.
Thanks for any suggestions

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  1. Toni,

    We just got back from visiting my wife's 103 year old grandmother. We had the best time and meal at Carmellas.

    Our grandmother's favorite place is Marks East Side. She was a regular for 40 years.

    If you are football fans, Lombardi's in the Radisson Hotel is a must eat for us every trip. They have semi-private and private rooms.
    Even this Raider Fan loves to eat there (still trying to get over our loss in Superbowl II).