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Jan 26, 2003 04:45 PM

Sherlock's Home, Minnetonka Minnesota CLOSED?? Surely please God no!!~~

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For seven or eight years I've been beer-commuting 647 miles from Oklahoma to Minnetonka to drink real ale as often as I can (without being declared clinically insane).

As a Brit who loves everything about the USA except for its beers, Sherlock's offered a hoppy oasis in a changing world. An (only slightly inconvenient) watering hole away from home.

Hey, I just drove the pilgrimage again on Sat Jan25, and believe you me I had *quite* a thirst going by the time I drove into the parking lot at 600pm after 11 hours on the road, mainly I-35.


Saturday Prime-Time and . . . C-L-O-S-E-D!!!!

Dark as night. And yet just a month on last visit around Xmas, all well and no signs or word of trouble.

A note on the door: "Sherlock's Home is Closed" but no further information offered. I know this was a niche concept on the real ale front, but the food was relatively mainstream and the bar congenial for every drinker, not just brewpub fans. The beers were the finest in the US if you crave authentic English ale taste.

Can someone please tell me (lie to me if necessary!) this is just temporary? Or offer any further information?? This is like losing a family member for me & my wife. You will see several places herein where I have recommended the place as crackerjack AOK. In cities with hideous chain restaurants by the godzillion, all flourishing, I can't believe this has happened.

Nor can I face flying 5500 miles for a decent pint.

Any information please? Is it simply yet "another closed restaurant"? Or can someone hold out any hope for revival or reincarnation . . . or explanation for temporary closure ("kitchen fire" he surmises with optimism)?

Bloody Hell!!!!!! I love the place. I have (I calculate) driven almost twice around the world in terms of mileage solely in order to drink there (it's 1294 miles per trip, and I tally visits as at least 30). I can virtually guarantee I am the recordholder there. Sanity notwithstanding.

p.s. Bloody Hell!!~~

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  1. It is true. They closed permanantly the last week in December. A link to the story is below (but doesn't say much.)


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        Charles Hill

        Bill Burdick, the brewmaster of Sherlock's Home is now with Granite City Food & Brewery. NASDAQ:GCFBU I'm sure he didn't forget to bring his recipe book. His technique is called Fermentus Interruptus. If someone drives from Oklahoma (where the beer is more like beer flavored water) to Minnesota, I should make the trip from Kansas City. I visit the 75th Street Brewery here for a good ale. I would like to compare to see what I'm missing.

        -Charles Hill


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          Whoa them wagons Charles! I have drunk the Granite City brews (at Sioux Falls location). It's not AT ALL like Sherlock's real ales. In fact not much (if at all) better than the slop most brewpubs schlepp up: namely, oversweet, underhopped, far too cold. For a beer like Bishops Bitter you might try Horsham Sussex UK or East Anglia . . . fares are cheap right now. The demise of Sherlock's (PLEASE let it be reincarnated one day) is a national tragedy. It's not to be replaced overnight that's for sure.

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      Brad Ballinger

      Alas, it's sad but true. When they first opened, there wasn't much around that area - Campiello didn't exist, neither did Woody's, and I'm sure there are other places that have sprung up. And Sherlock's had survived the multiple turnovers of the place across the parking lot (don't even know what it's called now).

      I used to work on Blue Circle Drive, and Sherlock's was a great after work place.

      Over time, though, the food never really amounted to much, and that place wasn't going to survive the long haul on pints and scotch only. Brit's Pub downtown isn't nearly the same thing.

      1. Mike,

        As you've already learned, Sherlock's does appear to be closed.

        If you are up this way, you may want to try Great Waters Brewing in St. Paul. I don't claim any great beer expertise but I am a fan of ales and care enough to have done a little home brewing. Great Waters is my favorite local brew pub. They serve 4 cask conditioned beers via beer engine and at a much more civilized temperature than the US-standard ice cold. There is usually a bitter, a couple stouts (cream & irish) and sometimes a scotch ale. They also serve 4 other beers on regular, forced co2 taps. Probably there are a couple lagers; I never get that far down the menu.

        I can't suggest that you make a special trip for Great Waters - I've got no idea if it would be an acceptable replacement for Sherlock's Home for you. Still, you sound pretty crazy; it may be worth a try.


        1. Maybe these guys can help you find another decent pint (perhaps even closer to home!):


          1. This is deeply sad.