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Jan 25, 2003 06:00 PM

Anyone had bubble tea in Twin Cities?

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It's tea made with big tapiocas and I've tried to copy it at home with no luck. I think it's Chinese but found a Thai style recipe on the internet.


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  1. Yes, there is a small shop called bubble tea located in roseville (!)
    On Lexington and a block North of Larpenteur in the mall across from the vintage Dairy Queen.

    Even for a strip mall store it lacks atmosphere, i.e. not much fun to sit in for long, but I thought their bubble tea compaarable to what I've had in Singapore and Taiwan!


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      They also have bubble tea at Quang's on Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis. I haven't tried it, however.

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        I recently moved to Mlps from San Francisco where there were numerous shops serving tapioca drinks (aka bubble tea). I have been on the hunt for a good tapioca drink place here in the Twin Cities ever since.

        I have visited the aforementioned store in Roseville on several occasions and found that their drinks are usually too sweet. I think that is must be because they cook the tapioca balls in a syrup mixture instead of plain water. While I am not sure how this compares to those drinks served in Singapore and Taiwan, they are on the whole much, much sweeter than those served in San Francisco.

      2. I just went to Shuang Hur, the big Asian grocery store nearby and they have a sign advertising $2 bubble tea. I have no idea of the quality, but it is there.
        It is on University just West of Dale.

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