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Jan 8, 2003 02:54 PM

Pho in Columbus

  • c

I live for a good bowl of pho. I'm curious what good (and bad) experiences people have had finding pho in Columbus. My favorite so far is the pho at Pho Little Saigon, at Hamilton and Main. Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. d
    Dave in Columbus

    I'm a big phan of the pho at Saigon Palace in downtown (on Front Street just north of Broad). The place seems to be closed a lot lately, but I think the noodles are great.

    1. siagon palace on front is terrible their noddles taste like chemicals! this place blows! try indochine on hamilton if you want the real deal.

      1. I also had a good experience at Ha Long Bay in the Polaris area a few months ago, although the response to my three year old post indicates that my palate for Vietnamese food is somewhat undeveloped.