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Dec 16, 2002 05:23 PM

Christmas Eve Dinner in Columbus, Ohio

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I'm dragging my New York born-and-bred Italian husband to Columbus for the Christmas holidays. Meaning, of course, he'll miss the Christmas Eve Fantasy Seafood Feast with every kind of fish known to man (and then some).

Does anyone know of a restaurant in Columbus that is open and serving a classic Italian seafood meal on Christmas Eve? I don't want to stink up my mother's kitchen and somehow I don't think McFish will cut it.


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  1. i doubt you are going to find the feast of the seven fishes in columbus as the town is not known for italian or even fishes for that matter. if his heart is set on it you might try to call around a few places and ask. good luck.

    however, TRATTORIA ROMA in grandview is very good northern italian, probably the best italian in the area (or at least it was). very good pasta and atmosphere. it will satisfy your husband for a nice italian meal.

    can i convince you both to try what columbus does do well? go to SCHMIDT'S in the german village it's great. have a bahama mama and a cream puff. a bonus is the neighborhood is real pretty to walk around in, especially during the holidays.

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      Schmidts? I like their sausages and cabbagey bits, but those cream puffs are putrid. I was raised on true German cream puffs in Wisconsin, which are loaded down with amazing heaps of schlag, not the chemically laced goo that Schmidt's sells. Yes, it's a fun place (I lived in German Village for a year) but I'll stick to my Cowtown favorites.

      Trattoria Roma in Grandview sounds lovely, though. I don't remember it from my Columbus days. Is it close to Spagio?

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        wow, putrid cream puffs? i don't know about that. inauthentic & schlag-less, sure. but everyone in the place seems to be eating them in there so i doubt they are so horrid as that (i dont eat that kind of stuff myself but i'm in the minority in SCHMIDT'S). it may not be your favorite place but it sure is very columbus anyway and not many things are.

        yes, TRATTORIA ROMA is on the grandview avenue strip near SPAGIO. you'll be happier in there i promise.

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      Dave in Columbus

      I'll second mrnyc's comment that this isn't exactly a town known for Italian food or things that come from the sea, but I doubt you're totally lost.

      Trattoria Roma is definitely good stuff (I was just there two weeks ago). For more southern, red sauce kind of eating, you might try Guiseppe's Ritrovo in Bexley, Tony's Italian Restaraunt in the Brewery District, or Moretti's in Dublin. I can't really vouch for the seafood from these places, but the pasta is tasty and satisfying.

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      1. re: Dave in Columbus

        That was tasty - years ago...(like 12)

        1. re: amy
          Dave in Columbus

          Actually, I think the new Trattoria Roma is in Moretti's old location.

          1. re: Dave in Columbus

            There is a Moretti's on Sawmill Road, in the Cranston Center - it's been there for over 10 years. Everything fresh, everything prepared to order, nothing frozed EVER. Bread baked fresh every day. It's a wonder this place isn't swamped every night. Even the ravioli is rolled from fresh homemade pasta and stuffed WHEN YOU ORDER IT.

            It's heaven on a plate. And there's a Moretti in the kitchen, cooking.