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Nov 25, 2002 10:24 AM

Best Hamburger in Midwest

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Where is it? Thanks for any and all suggestions.

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  1. Booches in Columbia Missouri.

    Second best- O'Connells Pub in St. Louis, although I always get the roast beef sandwich.

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    1. re: Steve

      In the 3+ decades I lived in St. Louis I always meant to try an O'Connell's hamburger. But every time I'd be seduced by the roast beef sandwhich, very rare, with lots of horseradish. I always liked the fried mushrooms too.

      1. re: Steve

        I second, third, fourth and fifth Booche's....the best I've ever had. Not big (bigger is NOT necessarily better), not small, just the perfect balance. "DCE" (double cheese with everything, 2 singles formed into a single patty with a single cheese slice - I don't think they even sell single burgers anymore) served steaming on waxed paper with napkin on top; white American cheese, mustard, ketchup, onions and pickles; also potato chips, Pepsi products, cold beer with or without an accompanying shot. No lettuce, tomato, FFs, other extraneous items. Also good country ham and sausage sandwiches, good bowl of red, daily soup. All walks of life welcome......Enjoy.

        Booches Billiard Hall - 110 S. 9th St - 573/874-8772 - Pool hall - M-Sat>~10-0000h

        1. re: SBCochran
          Gordon Elliott

          Onions, pickles, ketchup, mustard? No lettuce or tomato? Sounds like McDonald's quarter pounder to me.

          1. re: Gordon Elliott

            It's the white American cheese that has me turned off...

            1. re: Gordon Elliott

              >Onions, pickles, ketchup, mustard? No lettuce or tomato? Sounds like ...<

              Sounds like the Midwest :-) I don't think I ever saw lettuce or tomato (or mayo) on a burger until I moved from Missouri to California (a long time ago). And my burgers anywhere I get them are are still with onions, pickles, ketchup, and mustard.

            2. re: SBCochran

              Booches - amen

              Blimby Burger in Ann Arbor is a close second.

              1. re: simone

                I saw that place mentioned on DD+D's and wondered if it was worth the trip from 23. I pass though that area when I take my daughter back to college in Grand Rapids, and thought about stopping in.

              2. re: SBCochran

                Booche's. Get there 11-11:30 or after 1. Love that place. I have been known to plan trips from KC to St Louis to stop there. Ok, almost every time.
                In St Louis, Lou Rook's (at Annie Gunn's) burger of the month (whatever it is) or Newstead Tower on Manchester is a little more high brow, but great.

              3. re: Steve

                You are 100% correct...Booche's in Columbia and O'Connell's in St. Louis. BTW, I also like the Village in St. Louis

                1. re: JBinStl

                  Hey JbinSTL were you talking about The Village Bar on Manchester Road out by 270?

                2. re: Steve

                  Redamak's in New Buffalo, Michigan

                  1. re: Steve

                    I lived in Columbia MO and hated booches - small greasy and with too much bun for meat.
                    O'connells is number one and Blueberry HIll in St Louis very good also .
                    I live in St Paul MN now and think the best here is vincents (fancy burger with braised short ribs in the middle. Different concept but great burger.

                    1. re: Steve

                      I have eaten burgers all over the country. I've had Booches...great. I stop there everytime I'm in the area. Meers...funky, very interesting place with a nice BIG burger, but it's not great. Cozy Inn...pretty good, but no cheese available...bummer. Five Guys is indeed the best national chain (other than White Castle, which I consider in a category by itself). A great burger that hasn't been mentioned is found in Colo. Springs ONLY: Conway's Redtop. I haven't been there for awhile, but I've eaten it every time in in the Springs and it is fabulous. They steam Velveeta cheese onto the burger and it absolutely melts in your mouth. Town Topic in KC serves up a great greaser. Also, in St. Louis there is an old joint on Manchester called "Carls" and it serves up a mean greaser in a funky oldtime joint that only seats about a dozen people around the countertop.


                      1. re: skreamer

                        skreamer, Manchester can mean so many things, cross street for Carl's please? I have an idea it's probably not far off K'hwy, but that whole area has been changing so fast in the last 5 years.

                        1. re: hill food

                          Carl's is in Brentwood just west of Brentwood blvd. I believe the seating is closer to 8 than 12. enjoy to rootbeer also

                          1. re: rtsholmes

                            ahhh, thx, so it's near my new favorite Szechuan place.

                            1. re: hill food

                              what Szechuan place would that be? this is off the topic but, have you tried Yen Chings on Brentwood across from the Galleria?

                              1. re: rtsholmes

                                Even though this is a burger thread I wanted to respond. Yen Ching was my fave until I found King Doh, on Manchester, about a mile east of Lindbergh.

                      2. b

                        The best burger I've ever had was at the Totten Trail, in Totten Trail, North Dakota. It's about halfway between Bismarck and Minot right on the big lake. If you're ever out that way do yourself a favor and eat one.

                        1. I would love to go with something in my home state, but truthfully the best burger I ever had was at the Granite City Brewery in Sioux Falls S.D.

                          1. In Cincinnati it's Zip's (see link below).

                            In Indianapolis I'll go with Ralph's Great Divide, a little neighborhood bar downtown on New York Street.


                            1. I have to speak up for the southern Midwest here. Best burger I've ever had was at Meers, Oklahoma. A little butt-crack town just north of Lawton, OK. The burgers are huge. Lean, but juicy. Definitely worth the off-road pilgrimage if you're a hefty beef lover.

                              The Meers Store and Restaurant is a prosperous family restaurant, famous for Meersburger - 7" diameter burgers made exclusively from the Texas Longhorn beef, raised on the family's ranch. The beef is free from antibiotics, pesticides and growth hormones, and is lower in cholesterol than chicken. The Meers Store and Restaurant also has on its menu, steaks, barbecue, salad bar, home-baked bread, and desserts including homemade ice cream.


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                              1. re: m.toast

                                the meers burger is the best!!! i can't believe bon apetite magazine had it as 3rd in the usa.. to me, it is numero uno hands down!! best burger ever!!

                                1. re: m.toast

                                  I agree with the Meers burger. How can you not like a burger that is described like this?

                                  • Meersburgers are made with 97% lean grass fed Longhorn beef from our own Longhorn herd.
                                  • Our famous burgers are cooked medium well done and are served with mustard, dill pickles, tomatoes, purple onions, and green leaf lettuce. We use American cheese because our burgers are American burgers. We have been fixing them this way since the beginning, for over 50 years and this is the way our cowboys like them. 99% of our customers like them this way so this is why we respectfully call this burger (and your hats off boys) the COWBOY BURGER.
                                  • Some folks like mayo on their burgers instead of mustard but call burgers with this a SISSY BURGER! Other folks like ketchup on their burgers instead of mustard. We call burgers with this a YANKEE BURGER! Cowboys believe ketchup belongs on fries, not beef.
                                  • A few folks out there want all three---mustard, mayo, and ketchup---on their burgers. The poor fools are simply confused.
                                  We don't care how you want your burger fixed. We will fix it any way you want it. We cook your burger to order. Try one with bacon, jalapeno or both. However, if you order something other then a cowboy burger, please be patient; our cooks rarely encounter sissies, Yankees or confused souls.