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Oct 8, 2002 04:29 PM

Ramen in Columbus, OH

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Are there any decent places for real Ramen in Columbus?



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  1. not to my knowledge, it may not be possible. try this hard to find place called BASHO or something like that. it is or was about the best japanese in town. it's hard to find up hidden in a strip mall up in the nw and near dublin.

    other than that, try my fav place called...are you ready...JAPANESE RESTAURANT. no kidding. located on high street just north of lane and the osu campus. i lived close by and ate there often. not sure if they offer ramen either. good luck.

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    1. re: mrnyc

      My Japanese friend says its called "Restaurant Japan."

      1. re: asun

        you are correct. my memories of columbus are dimming!

        as i recall they also offer some korean items as well. i believe a spouse, husband or wife not sure, is of korean descent. but i may be confusing RJ w/ the korean restaurants closer to lane ave.

        columbus/osu could really use a good or at least an average ramen joint.

        1. re: mrnyc

          Thanks for the info. I tried the Ramen at Restaurant Japan, I've had worse, but lord, I've had much better.

          The other food there was not bad. They dp have some Korean dishes, but I haven't tried them.

          Oh well...



    2. The Tea Zone is a great spot for a bowl of authentic ramen. Here's some info I was able to find on google. I'm planning on going there for a bowl of ramen today for lunch. It's right next to the Microcenter, which makes for a great afternoon trip of ramen and gadget shopping :)

      Tea Zone Bakery & Cafe

      5025 Olentangy River Rd
      Columbus, OH 43214-1928
      (614) 326-0489