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deep fried turtle

butch marko Aug 19, 2002 06:00 PM

i am looking for a good recipe for deep fried turtle.
it would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me out!!!! please send to one_ punch@msn.com

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  1. j
    Jane RE: butch marko Aug 20, 2002 03:01 AM

    Oh, my gosh, now you've done it! I've been longing for good turtle for years. Used to go with my Grandfather to the Wapsi (Wapsipinicon) River in Iowa and help snag turtles. He packed them in dry ice and shipped them to restaurants in Boston. And also brought a lot home.

    We didn't deep fry them but did dredge them in flour with salt and pepper and pan-fry them in a cast iron skillet with a bit of grease (bacon grease usually, as that was always in the grease cannister on the stove top, but any good oil would do).

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    1. re: Jane
      Big D RE: Jane Aug 20, 2002 07:52 AM

      I concur w/ Jane's family method. We did the same, but Grandma always put the turtle in the pressure cooker after frying to tenderize it even further. She then whipped up some savory gravy from the pressure cooker drippings. The end result was not crispy, but melt in your mouth tender.

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