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Aug 12, 2002 03:57 PM

Desperate for SD picks

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My wife and I are heading to the Mt. Rushmore area for a week. We're not food snobs, but we do like something a cut above fast food and greasy spoons. We're particularly interested in enjoying local game.

I saw a post from 2 years ago with no replies, so we may be SOL, but please help!

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  1. South Dakota is tough, as evidenced by my recent Sioux Falls request.
    When I went to the Black Hills about 10-12 years ago, I ate some pretty good food in Rapid City at a place called the Firehouse. Pretty cool place, but I noticed last week when I was in Sioux Falls that they have their own brochures out . Probably a tourist trap now, but who knows. Maybe you can seek out new life, new civilizations while you are there, and become the voice of Black Hills food. Hopefully after Sturgis there will still be food left somewhere.
    I also vaguely remember eating at a place in Keystone called Piggys or something, and I know none of us got sick. I guess that's something.

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      Sometimes not getting sick is good enough! (cue dreadful honeymoon memories)

    2. I recently read an article in the travel section of one of the TC papers that told about Black Hills restaurants. They were mostly steakhouse or buffalo burger places but one that they showed a picture of was a cafeteria with above average cafeteria food that was right in front of Mount Rushmore. The picture showed it to be VERY close with a beautiful view from your table next to the huge windows.

      In Murdo along I90 there's a diner type place along the main drag that's supposedly good. We made the mistake of eating at a different, more expensive and forgetable place. Another motel guests raved about the food at a diner place within easy walking distance and on the same side of the road as the Best Western motel in Murdo

      1. Try The Alpine Inn In Hill City. It is great and you will not spend too much. Lunch is German, and dinner is a set menu your pick "a little steak, or a big steak" A lot of fun. I think it is a MUST!
        225 main St . Hill City
        Avoid any of the places in Custer State park, none of the lodges have good food.
        There is a place in the city of Custer, Sage Creek Grille
        607 Mt. Rushmore RD.
        If you stop in the Badlands eat at the small homestyle resturant in Interior. I can not think of the name, but just ask on of the Park rangers and i am sure they will know. They only take cash. Homecooked meals, great prices. Enjoy the trip!

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          Will second these comments re the Alpine Inn and the place in Interior.
          No one is mentioning Wall Drug Store...have not tried any food there....but the place is a great place to stop and stretch the legs.

        2. I am wondering if you saw this great post just a couple days ago on the Elsewhere in America board - has some SD information


          1. Go south to Custer, the Sage Creek Grille is fabulous. Elk, buffalo and a stellar wine selection!