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Aug 7, 2002 07:08 PM

ted cook's question

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hey all--i'm a st. paulite and don't make it to mpls to eat very often. i've heard a lot of conflicting stuff regarding ted cook's 19th hole(best bbq in twin cities vs. over-priced average bbq). what's the real story? if good, what would you recommend?

i like lee's n dee's and rooster's in st. paul.

advance thanks,

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  1. i used to love ted cooks! it was my favorite place for ribs. not sure what happened but i went in ther last night to get ribs and it is now mexican owned and the food has changed.they are trying to serve the same food but it doesnt taste the same. i will not be back.

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    1. re: lanadiamond

      I'm not sure if the ethnicity of the new owners matters as much as the simple fact that it has changed ownership, period. Just saying.

      I am a long-time, long-standing Ted Cook's fan but haven't been there in a few months. (Trying to cut back on the BBQ). I'll have to check it out soon and report back. I've been going there since I was a kid and I'm interested in what you've said, ianadiamond.

      Remember, BBQ is SUPER subjective here up north - it seems a lot of people here just think there is one kind of "BBQ" food and don't (or don't know how) to differentiate between Deep South/Kansas City/Carolina styles of BBQ. I think there's even a Texas and Chicago style.

      There *are* regional differences that do play out at BBQ places here, and a lot of folks don't seem to understand that. If someone hates Market BBQ and likes Rooster's it might not *necessarily* be because Market is "bad," it might be just because Market serves up a different regional style. Ted Cook's has sweeter, hotter sauce, which is like Deep South to me. But Lee's & Dee's does a smokier, more vinegary sauce, which is Carolina to me. Neither is better than the other - just different.

      A truly bad BBQ place would have dry, flavorless meat doused in liquid smoke and horrible sides. One of my fave things about Ted Cook's is their killer corn muffins, greens, and sweet potato pie.

      1. re: Mellu

        Mellu, one of the things we observed in the taste-off is that Ted Cook's sweet hot sauce has changed so that you might not recognize it from what they used to serve.

        1. re: KTFoley

          Sounds like a trip to Ted's is in order, pronto!
          I can't believe new owners would change something like the SAUCE at a place like that!

          Maybe the old owners wouldn't give up their recipe. Hm.

          I'll definitely be reporting back.
          (Quickly recalculates the day's WW points).

    2. The report from the chowdown/rib taste-off a few weeks ago ( suggests that the meat was pretty good but the sauce was bad.

      I haven't been there in a few years, so I can't confirm.

      1. Dara recommends that you ask for the sauce on the side. If you do that, they are my favorite ribs in town. Interesting that they have new owners, I hadn't heard that. Also if you are coming from St. Paul note that they don't have any tables.