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Jul 29, 2002 12:30 PM

St. Paul, MN: Cleveland Wok or Vina in Highland Park?

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I've lived in the Highland Park neighborhood of St. Paul for over two years but have never tried either the Cleveland Wok (just north of Ford Pkwy on Cleveland) or Vina Vietnamese just across the street. Anyone been to either recently? Is either one worth a try?

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  1. cleveland wok has a lunch buffet that is fairly priced with your standard lunch buffet stuff. it's pretty good. i've never ordered off the menu. i haven't been to the vina in highland but i have been to the one on lyndale in uptown and it was bad. raw veggies on rice with an awful sauce. sorry i don't have more positive stuff to offer up.

    1. Totally different...Oh, now I'm seeing this post is from 2002. Cleveland Wok has fantastic orange beef. Vina is not Chinese; it's Vietnamese. Vina is very good but doesn't deliver. Cleveland Wok does have a limited delivery area. I order it at work and take it home (where they don't deliver)!