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Where Can I find White Truffles in Seattle?

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Hi, I am wondering if anyone has seen white truffles anywhere or am I in the wrong season?

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  1. Haven't seen them yet as it's early for the season but DeLaurenti's in Pike Place Market always has them in season.


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        If you want to eat white truffles in a restaurant, go to Lampreia where Chef Carsberg serves a white truffle menu. No to be missed for the deep of pocket.

      2. There is a fairly new shop/deli in the Pike Place Market that specialized in truffle everything-give them a call. They have a web site:

        Link: http://www.labuonatavolausa.com/produ...

        1. Sosio's Fruit and Vegetables in the Market has fresh white and black one's most always when in season. They are rarely on display, so you need to ask...