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Jul 18, 2002 05:11 PM

Denver [Moved from Midwest board]

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I will be in downtown Denver in a couple of weeks. Does anyone have any suggestions for interesting food? I am game for anything!

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  1. hmmm! So many in downtown denver. Head to lodo.
    India House at Dehli Darbar on Blake is good. Take a walk down to Larimer Street - easy breakfast and snacks are good at the market. Good pizza - Anthony's on 16th and Cali or Double Fisted Marios near 16th and Market are good choices. For chinese, the only dinner place is P.F. Changs (chain). There are several steakhouses if that's your deal - Ruth's Chris, Mortons, Sullivans. Cuba Cuba is maybe 10 blocks away, and VERY good. There's high tea at the Brown Palace.

    1. For nicer places, there's Tomayo for good nevo Mexican, Via - fernanzio - the chef is fabulous. There are some good places just east of downtown - a cab would be cheap - Parallel 17, Limon, and Sparrow.

      1. I would suggest you post on the Southwest board instead of the Midwest board.

        I'll second Tamayo for upscale Mexican as well as Jax for fish in that same neighborhood.

        1. Jax is very groovy. Assuming you are eating more than once and have wheels, check out Jack N Grill for lunch.

          1. My favorites downtown are:
            Lime, Rioja and Tamayo

            Vesta Dipping Grill

            Red Square


            As someone else pointed out there are several other great places a little outside of the downtown area.

            Have fun!