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Jul 7, 2002 12:36 AM

Wisconsin Fish Boil Recommendations

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I'm looking for recommendations for authentic Wisconsin Fish Boil without having to go to Door County.

I'm in the Chicago North Suburbs and I'm willing to travel as far north as Port Washington. However, I want authentic and will travel!

Is this the season for Fish Boil or is this an Autumn event?

I've heard about it for years but keep missing my opportunity.


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  1. Have any chowhounds found good fish boil within 90 minutes of the Twin Cities? I know fish boil is more of a Door County thing. I wasn't sure if spead over to the western part of Wisconsin. If it has, I would be interested in checking it out.

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    1. re: Josh Resnik
      Michael Hoffman

      I've never had a fish boil in Wisconsin or Minnesota, but I've had them in Michigan, New York and Ohio.

      1. re: Michael Hoffman

        We had a great one in Door Couty, WI - but where did you go to one in MI? Thanks in advance.

        1. re: Donna - MI
          Michael Hoffman

          I've had fish boils in Au Gres, Oscoda and Alpena on Lake Huron, and at Manistee, Grand Haven and South Haven on Lake Michigan.

          1. re: Michael Hoffman

            Thanks! We are canoeing the Au Sable River in Oscoda this weekend so maybe we can find one around there.

    2. Sorry, have not seen anything like fish boil around where I live (north central Wisconsin, a little north of Wausau)--just fish FRY around here. As other poster has suggested, boil might be mainly door county thing.

      1. This was at the White Gull Inn, a welcome warm meal when we were on a cold wet campout:

        1. check out . Look in fish recipes . They have a Wisconsin fish boil recipe . Sounds kinda chowdery to me , but maybe it's good .

          1. The original comment has been removed