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Jun 29, 2002 11:54 AM

chiapas in northeast minneapolis

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any positive feedback on this place?? normally I dont associate Mexican with Nordeast.

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  1. I have eaten a number of tasty things here, and regularly take friends. Its not especially pretty food, but is good and the service is usually friendly. Try some of the rice milk drinks.

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      Do they serve Chiapan Mexican food? I used to live in Chiapas and I will be visiting Minneapolis this summer and would love to eat at a place that specialized in food from that region. Any info is appreciated.

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      1. re: JessicaKlonsky

        I'm not sure if their food is authentic to that region, but it was really good. The owner of El Mariachi on Nicollet/28th is from Chiapas, so he might have some authentic food on the menu. It's a favorite place of ours.

      2. It's closed down. Apparently they also own Adelita's which is across the street.

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        1. re: JulianPantangeli

          The owners of Chiapas opened Adelitas across the street (bigger space, liquor license). Eventually, they sold Chiapas to another owner, along with name. They didn't last surprise, since that block can probably only handle one mexican joint, let alone three! Now I see that the old Chiapas has a sing that a taco place will be opening.

          BTW, I'm not as happy with Adelitas as I was when they were Chiapas. Across the street they served a pretty good pozole. Now it's off the menu. Their tacos a still decent, but that's all I go there for now.

          1. re: FireRev

            Well, that is very interesting that Adelita's is owned by the same people that ran Chiapas,
            because....I guess I'm kind of odor-sensitive, and Chiapas often bugged me with a
            strong Lysol smell when you walked in. Today I walked into Adelita's and it didn't smell
            good, kind of an old musty smell. Caused me to turn around and leave.

            1. re: faith

              Hmm. I'm pretty odor-sensitive, and I've never noticed. I'll be paying attention the next time I'm at Adelita's.