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Jun 5, 2002 11:22 PM

Columbia, Missouri?

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I've accepted an offer to be one of the wine judges for the Missouri State Fair Wine Competition the last week in July (Can you say hot? Can you say humid?) In any event it's in Columbia, Missouri. I've never been there before. Can any Chowhounds offer any suggestions on places to eat? Thanks!

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  1. You must go to Shakespear's Pizza on 9th. Awesome!

    1. Booches on 9th - just burgers and Bud - a real Columbia institution.

      Murrays - south of the Stadium - really well rounded menu, good jazz

      There used to be a good Trattoria [on 9th as well] but I haven't lived in Columbia for 6 years, so I don't know if it is still there.

      1. We love Glenn's Cafe!


        1. I hope you get to see this before you head out to Columbia. I will second Murray's, Bouches and Shakes. All terrific Columbia institutions. The green pepper rings at Murray's are shockingly good.

          I and friends have had numerous bad experiences with Glenn's. The food is great though. I did hear recently that they may be closing.

          The Trattoria Strada Nova on 9th Street is still open. I have not been in a while but it was good when I was there several years ago. Directly across the street is Bangkok Gardens for pretty decent Thai. Another favorite is Cherry Street Wine Cellar. A small but typically interesting menu and a large selection of wine by the glass.

          A couple recent additions are Addison's (downtown)and Sophia's (on the south side of town). They are owned by the same person. I have been to both twice, and while many people have found them exceptionally good, I was not as impressed. Sophia's in particular seems to opt for olive oil as the main component in many of their dishes, to a point most food is drowning.

          If you wish to travel slightly out of town, I recommend a trip to Les Bourgious Winery in Rocheport. Along with an A-frame and terraced gardens for tasting, they have a beautiful bistro perched on a bluff over looking the Missouri River into the sunset. It is on the grounds of the winery and offers good food in a beautiful setting. Enjoy!

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            Nice post Giancarla, i find it odd that you didn't mention that you were an employee of Les Bourgious Winery and Bistro. Where is the objectivity?

          2. I've lived in Columbia for the last 14 years. Food has greatly improved in that time. Glenn's is no longer here, but has relocated to Booneville. I believe it is the same owner and same surely hostess, but same good food. Trattoria is good, A new place on Broadway is Sycamore. It is the chef that used to be at Trattoria. There is also a Japanese place on Hitt St. called Sake. Bangkok Garden has moved to Cherry Street. Much bigger but same good food. The Wine Cellar on Cherry Street is a great wine bar and restaurant. Village Wine and Cheese is always good with good wine selection. Virtually everything you really want will be downtown and within walking distance. The wine you are coming to judge will likely be horrific.

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              I do notice that the original post is years old so here's hoping the OP survived his wine tasting! However, I wanted to ask your opinion about Bangkok since they have moved. Have you noticed a change in the quality of the food or is it just my imagination? I used to really like the Pad Thai noodles and the last couple of times I had them in the new location, I have left half of them behind in my bowl.

              1. re: Velma

                YES, I totally agree, Velma. I thought maybe it was just me, too, but that's what I thought when I ate there a couple times after the move. They still seem to pack 'em in though. For my taste buds and dollars, we prefer to go to Thai Kitchen in the Regency Hotel downtown. Better food and definitely better ambience, and better service as well, IMHO.

                Sycamore blows Trattoria Strada Nova away now, hands down. Plus you don't have to put up with the pretentiousness and room temp. food at Trattoria. It's definitely seen better days.

                By the way, FWIW, Sake Bistro is not on Hitt Street, it's on 10th Street, one block over to the west from Hitt.