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May 15, 2002 11:41 AM

restaurants off I-70

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looking for casual restaurants mile or so off I-70
balto.,md to vail,co $-$$$$$

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  1. Try Tommyknockers in Idaho Springs C0. Nice little brewpub, decent food. Unless you look hard, you can't get further than a mile from I-70 in Idaho Springs...

    1. Used to live in Balto/DC, and drive back to Michigan, part of the way on 70. Not sure if Hancock is off US-40 or I-70 (it's in the narrowest part of the panhandle), but there used to be a truck-stop type place called the Park 'n' Dine. Great quality, low prices, *huge* portions. No idea if it's still there or not.

      1. Starliner Diner in Hilliard, Ohio just outside of Columbus. Homestyle cooking with a little bit of California health food flair to it. They bake their own bread.

        Mentioned above is Arthur Bryant's in Kansas City, MO. Just about a mile south of I-70 on Brooklyn St/Ave. There's is actually a state sign on the highway to tell you where to get off. Gates is also at the same exit, only north instead of south.

        1. Last year I picked up a posting about Young's Dairy. It is near Springfield, OH. Take the exit for Xenia. Go toward Xenia about five miles and it is on the left side of the road.(You are almost there when you pass the road for the Springfield airport)
          The previous posting raved about the ice cream they make there. Yes, it is excellent. However, another person told us if we want a meal we should eat next door at the big restaurant, Golden Jersey Inn.
          Had lunch there last week and it was really, really good. Great "comfort" food...beef and noodles; chicken and dumplings. All dinners are served with homemade sweet potato bread, cole slaw and applesauce.
          Everything was great. We waddled next door to the dairy for an ice cream cone.
          This will always be a meal stop for us in the future.
          They have a website: