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Apr 26, 2002 03:52 PM

Good Eats in the LaCrosse WI area????

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We have lived in the LaCrosse WI vicinity for almost 5 years and have yet to find a really great place to eat. We like the Freight House and tried Piggy's with ho-hum results. We would love to find a place for a great burger or some decent ethnic food. We are located about 40 miles east of the city and are open to all and any suggestions. Thanks for your help!

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  1. There is a seasonal restaurant in Pepin WS called Harbor View I believe. We have eaten there a few times and it has always been good. It is kind of spendy but they use the freshest ingredients that are in season. Might be too far to drive.

    We just passed through that area and tried to find ethnic food. We ended up getting to Red Wing for Mexican (see earlier post).

    1. We lived in LaCrosse and found the best ethnic food was Casablanca in Onalaska. You have to call to get information on dining. It's Middle Eastern cooking at its best with all fresh ingredients. The menu is fixed with little choice, not cheap but a great experience.