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Apr 11, 2002 10:55 AM

chicago style hot dogs in the Twin Cities?

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I had a Chicago-style hot dog at Wrigley last summer. It was outstanding and must of weighed 2 pounds. Where can I find a place that serves authentic Chicago-style hot dogs in Minneapolis or St.Paul Minnesota?

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  1. The only place I have found that serves a Chicago Style Hot Dog in the Twin Cities is in the beer garden at the State Fair. I would live to know if there is someplace else as well.

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    1. re: Sven
      Anthony Dagostino

      Giggles Chicago Street Grill
      2112 Ford Pkwy
      St Paul, MN 55116-1813

      This St.Paul, Mn. restaurant in Highland Park has
      Chicago Style Hot dogs.

    2. Joey D's located on 38th Avenue in S. Minneapolis has great Chicago style hotdogs

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        1. The original comment has been removed