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Feb 27, 2002 10:03 PM

Battle's BBQ in Ames and Nevada, IA

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There is a fellow here named George Battle who has the most tender hand with smoking meats. His pork, beef, and ham are juicy and delicious; stepping into his restaurants gives you a wonderful foretaste (and fore-smell) of the treats to come. Be sure to try his baked beans, slaw, homemade lemonade and chess pie.

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  1. I was travelling through Ames and stopped
    at Battle's BBQ after reading many positive
    reviews on this forum. I must say that I was
    rather disappointed. I get the pleasure of
    travelling all over the US and "Battle" really
    can't compete with the likes of Memphis
    or KC BBQ. Why? The meat was rather
    dry and the sides were very bland. I
    tried the pork and beef. I had to dump
    nearly half a container of sauce on the
    meat to bring back some moisture.
    Added the rest of the sauce to the
    beans to bring some flavor out. The
    good points were: the very friendly
    service, prompt service and mason
    jar serving glasses (just a nice
    quirk). Overall, I would not make
    a special trip to eat there, but it
    would certainly be a better choice
    than fast food.

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    1. re: jm054

      Maybe something changed in the 7 years between post.

      1. re: Bobfrmia

        There is. George Battle died a few years ago.

          1. re: Bobfrmia

            Isn't necrophelia illegal in most states? :P

            1. re: Inthewater

              I think you should grab a dictionary. That statement makes no sense.

              1. re: Bobfrmia

                I was in the Indianola location yesterday. It seemed like just another BBQ shack to me. There was just one overworked employee and a bunch of slow-cookers. The sauce had some bite, but thats about it. There wasn't pulled pork on offer either.

                Its probably not in my Indianola top lunch spots after Crouse Cafe and the One-Stop Sandwich Stop, .

                1. re: trza

                  Man, I need to make a trip down to Crouse sometime soon. Its been way too long. Is it still excellent, home-cookin type stuff?

                2. re: Bobfrmia

                  No dictionary needed, thanks for the recommendation though. Its a little "interwebz" sort of humor about people pulling up posts from years ago and replying to them as if they were made the day before on forums. It was said tongue-in-cheek, and is just an attempt to be silly.

                  Example -

                  A spoof of a card from the popular Magic the Gathering style games. Anyhow, take it as you will.

                  1. re: Inthewater

                    Sorry, wasn't familiar with that usage. Makes more sense now.
                    I thought it was supposed to be somehow related to George Battle's death.

                    1. re: Bobfrmia

                      No, and I didn't even think of it that way until you made your post. In hindsight, I guess I should have read all the comments. I just saw a post from 2002 being replied to in 2009. :D Never knew Mr. Battles, or heard of the restaurant though I am in the area, but would never make a joke of that nature about a person. Just a 7 year old thread on a message board. :)

                      Sorry for the confusion.