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Feb 20, 2002 05:29 PM

P.F. Changs MN query:"Would you like rice w/your chow fun?"

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I was asked this twice, upon ordering and upon receiving their heavily seasoned version at this new "Chinese bistro" (Southdale mall, Edina MN). I've never been asked about this accompaniment to chow fun. Always thought the wide flat noodles were the rice, as it were. I guess the crowd they cater to assume EVERY Chinese dish must somehow come with rice or the emperor would be very unhappy. Have other people encountered the same query in the Midwest?

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  1. There's a funny analogy in the film "Big Night." A woman enrages the brilliant Italian chef by insisting on a side of pasta with her risotto.

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      Michael Penfield

      Yes! I remember that scene now. Never heard of risotto before that movie, but now I make it myself and order it in restaurants. Most Mpls-St. Paul places do a good job, but 20% of the time the texture isn't right for my taste.