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What ever happened to Dohacks? They had the greatest fish sandwich ever?
And my wife wants to know what happened to the wonderful bakery on Minnesota (on the corner, a couple blocks west of Cherokee street in South St. Lou?) We always stopped there when we were in town or passing thru St. Louis and bought gooey butter cake and brought back to Lenexa. It was big time good.

And, what was the name of the restaurant under the Kingshighway bridge that used to stay open late and had great sandwiches?

And, what was the name of the Italian restaurant on Hampton, near Chippawa, where they had absolutly delecious shrimp pizza. (Back then it was called pizza pie)

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  1. I seem to remember that Dohacks closed. But I could be wrong. The name used to be bandied about a lot and then no more. I wish I could help. But you did remind me of one of my all time favorites for fried chicken and frog legs, Hodaks (maybe Hodacks). Deep into South St. Louis, probably in the city instead of the county. It's kind a bar that serves mostly the beer of the Clydesdales. But the food is (or certainly was) good. I don't live there anymore. pat

    1. The only one of your queries I can answer with any authority is the one about the restaurant on Kingshighway. It's O'Connell's. It's not exactly under the bridge, but, if you're traveling south on Kingshighway, you have to go under the overpass at Shaw to get to the east side of the street.

      O'Connell's is a St. Louis classic, serving first-rate hamburgers and roast beef sandwiches, along with other simple and tasty items. It's full of venerable wood furniture, including a couple of very large tables, and the wait staff never seems to change. It's a great place to hang out and have a beer or two or three. They also have a good selection of single malt whiskeys.

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        John Donjoian

        Gooey Butter Cake. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

        Siebolds bakery in Granite City, Illinois(also in Madison, IL) has what I believe to be the true interpretation of this midwest specialty.

        Don't know of any good St. Louis spots for it. Willing to listen though.


        1. Is the Cheshire Inn still running? Do they still make those great burgers with the delicious sauce?

          1. The St. Louis bakeries are a dying breed, alas. About the only neighborhoody place left is the Carondolet Bakery, 7226 Virginia, way south in the city proper. The place under the bridge may have been Sala's, which is gone, too; there's a restaurant there called Space, and they've left the Sala name in tiles at one door stoop. You're not thinking about Pagliacci's for pizza, were you?

            There's a Dohack's in Festus, about 27 miles south, off I-55. They opened this branch before they closed the one at Lindbergh and Lemay Ferry.

            1. Wow, this question is from 2002, and it's 2008. Jeez. I'm redoing my résumé, and Dohack's was my first job. I worked there for 4 years, and boy, did I see it all. What great jack salmon, which I've never heard of since, cod and chicken we had! Yes, it was an amazing, family style restaurant. We had all you can eat chicken on Wednesdays, and all you can eat jack salmon on Fridays. I still remember our most regular customers, who I'm sure have long since died, and what they ate. It's a shame Dohack's closed...I don't know when it did, but progress, you know?

              And the gooey butter cake reference gave me the chills. No one out west has ever heard of it, and I'm sure it's a dying breed. My grandma lived at Grand and Juniata...we used to walk down Grand to a bakery just down the block and get gooey butter cakes. After I moved to Phoenix and got married, I took my husband to see St. Louis where I'd grown up. (This was when I was about 30) I took him to the bakery on Grand and we bought a gooey butter cake...we sat on my grandma's front steps after I knocked on the door to tell the current owners who we were and ask their permission. We ate the entire cake sitting there.

              Do they still sell pretzels on the street corners? Is Irv's still open? We used to go late at night, usually drunk, and have a "nightmare"...which was hash browns topped with two eggs, chili and onions. It was the best. Imo's pizza? Rich and Charlies, Flamingo Cafe, The Pasta House Company? Any of them still open. I miss St. Louis restaurants so much! Anyone remember Schmiezings Bar and Grill on Hampton? I worked there forever, too. What about Trotter's BBQ on Watson? I really hope someone replies to this...I'm so nostalgic right now!!! And I need a Rich and Charlie's salad and a gooey butter cake!

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                Let's see if I can take your questions in order :o)

                You can still find pretzels on street corners, mostly in south St. Louis. You are more likely to find them sold outside churches on Sunday mornings though. We just run to Gus' Pretzels when we want them. Was Irv's by the Botanical Gardens? If so, it's gone as far as I know...but Courtesy Diner has a "new" location on Hampton near 40.
                Imo's is alive and kicking though much maligned on this board. Rich & Charlie's is still around too. (I love it! We'd go there for all you can eat pasta when we were in college) You can get the dressing for $4/bottle via mail order- the salad is easy to throw together once you have that. It's a favorite at potlucks in south county. Pasta House is ALL over the place.
                Trotter's bbq was great. My aunt-to-be worked there and my uncle would take his sweet nieces out to dinner all the time! I'm not sure about Flamingo or Schmeizing's. But gooey butter cake is easy to make. My 11 year old made one tonight for her homework for her FACS (home-ec) class. But a quick search of gooey butter cake recipe will yield a bunch of hits.

                Glad to hear from someone who loves the St. Louis specialties!

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                  Gooey butter cake is still readily available in St. Louis and as popular as ever. You can get is shipped from a couple of outfits including Gooey Looie -- http://www.gooeylouiecake.com/ -- and Park Avenue Coffee -- http://www.parkavenuecoffee.com/gooey... -- or you can purchase it various places, including Clayton's Bakery and Schnuck's and Dierberg's supermarkets.

                  Flamingo and Schmiezing's are names from the past.

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                  I remember Schmiezings on Hampton. If I recall, when they imploded the Arena, the big scoreboard that hung over the ice was saved and moved over to Schmiezings. Do you recall that? And do you know what happened to the scoreboard? Apparently Schmiezings is now Mike Talayna's and the scoreboard is no longer there. Just curious what ever happened to that piece of Arena history.

                3. Schmeizings has relocated to Maplewood on Manchester and Sutton.

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                    My bad! I was thinking of Schlotskys.

                  2. Dohack's has been closed for years (15+), it was then a city grille and subsequently burned down to the ground...twice. (Hodack's is a couple blocks up the road from where Dohack's used to be) There is something going up on the land but I have no idea what it is going to be....we have since moved out of StL and can't comment on the progress of the building. Space (the restaurant under the Kingshighway brige is not shuttered. Nothing there last time I checked.