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Best Detroit area BBQ ribs?

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I'm craving BBQ ribs. Who makes the best ribs in metro Detroit?

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  1. Can't get BBQ ribs in Detroit like you can in Kansas City. If in the Royal Oak area, try Oxford Inn on Main St. Your best bet is to wait for "BerkleyBabe" to answer (which she will}. I don't think there's a place in the Detroit area that she doesn't know! Trust her.

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    1. re: Sony Bob

      Some of our favorite places for ribs are:
      Alexanders - 7 mile @ Haggerty in Northville
      Moose Preserve - 17 Mile in Pontiac
      Beaver Creek - on Wayne Rd., south of Ford in Westland

      1. re: beth

        The best ribs in Detroit are served at my house on the Sunday prior to Labor Day Monday on the Labor Day weekend. The commercial places can not beat my homemade sauce or my attention to the slow cooking over live coals with out par boiling them first. But then I do not try to cook for the masses - only 120 invited guests. :)

        1. re: Queenofquality

          So when can we expect our chowhound invitations? ;)

    2. I can't say I have the best answer for you; we've always found really tasty, tender, nonfatty/falling off the bone ribs at Matt Prentice's Flying Fish Tavern (13 mile and Southfield). Memphis Smoke in Royal Oak has a good selection, but leans toward greasy. Why not try some other places and post what you've found...you may find THE best spot!

      1. In Pontiac, on Woodward Ave (north of St. Joe's hospital), there is a carwash/soul food restaurant called CW's Soul Food. Just take out, but they make amazing ribs as well as several terrific sides like sweet potato-pie, greens, etc...

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          I've seen that place a number of times and it certainly raised my curiosity. Thanks for the post--we'll drop in in the near future!

        2. Well, I stopped the BBQ rib craving (temporarily!) at Nikola's in Southfield on Telegraph Rd., next to Shield's. They were pretty good (but oh, I keep dreaming that there are better ones out there!), maybe a little too sweet, but this was easily fixed with a dousing of Tabasco. And a half slab was HUGE -- they serve the "real" meaty ribs, not the baby-backs.

          Thanks for the leads on the other places. I'm probably going to make another rib run this week.

          1. The eastsiders go to "Champs" on Mack between 7 and 8 and for the real deal, "Milts" on Houston-Whittier about 1 mile west of I-94.

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              Another couple and us cruise for ribs about once a month. We ate at Champs, would never go back.

            2. Oxford Inn --Royal Oak is a good bet. Also , Mt. Chalet-- Royal Oak- 14/Woodward , or .. good old Boneyard !! Bon Appetite

              1. I almost feel honored that this, my first submission, should be for one of my favorite foods at one of my most favorite of Detroit places. Ginopolis on the Grill at 12mile and Middlebelt. Not only do they have a great variety of other food selections ranging from fish to lamb but they are also noted for their celebrity photo walls. TV stars like Tim Allen to any and all of the various Detroit sports teams. But the ribs,oh man, I'm drooling on myself just thinking about them. And there can be only one dessert pick to end any meal there. A simple hot fudge sundae made with the best of fudge toppings--Sander's Hot Fudge. Go for two scoops of vanilla; you get more fudge that way.

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                1. re: Marty tcs.

                  Hey, glad to have you on the Midwest board--we always need more Motowners! Welcome, I hope you'll keep posting your finds and favorites for the rest of us to enjoy...

                  1. re: Marty tcs.

                    Just a note on Ginopolis's ribs - Ginopolis married into a family whose restaurant near Cincinnati is widely famous for ribs - The White House(?) might be the name of the restaurant - and the story I've heard is that she brought the rib and sauce recipes with her to the marriage.

                    1. re: berkleygary

                      Ginopolis, I think is a cousin of the Montgomery Inn in Cinci, Sinatra, and many other stars would request ribs from Ginopolis when in Town. Montgomery Inn Sauce is available in the grocery stores - for sure Meijers. Slow cook ribs with some type of citrus, onions and garlic and then add the sauce.

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                        Um, huh? I think you may be confusing Sinatra with someone else entirely. Ol' Blue Eyes was a staunch patron of the now-defunct Excalibur in Southfield for his ribs IIRC. He would always make that a destination when he came.

                        That being said, I really enjoy the Montgomery Inn sauce I buy at the store. Not sure about its use for ribs, but it sure makes for a great topping on baked chicken and such. I'm a fan.

                  2. out by lakeside on hall road is a place called the boneyard. i have never been there. anyone have any experience there?


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                      I've been to the one on Telegraph in Dearborn Heights and liked it quite a bit. They had two basic cooking methods, as I recall--one traditional, and one that roasted the meat for a while so that it would fall off the bone. Nothing spectacular, but high-quality pork that makes for satisfying 'cue.

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                        ok at best, it's a chain. I like famous dave's bettter.

                        1. re: oaklandfoody

                          Geez...that's a pretty condemning statement, that. I mean, FD's is just about the lowest common denominator of ribs I've had to my recollection. They're edible, bu that's about it.

                          That being said, I'm not fond of Boneyard, either. Both places are disappointing, and I avoid them if at all possible.

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                            When we went to FD's I felt like everything was right out of a box or a can. Bluch. There is supposed to be a place on the East side over on Mack, Green's deep South BBQ but I've never been there.

                      2. Hmm - no one mentioned Slows in Detroit? that is my #1 favorite place for BBQ, but I admit, much of my "love" goes to their mac & cheese - its an event in itself. But they also have 5-7 different sauces at the table for whatever BBQ mood you are in.

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                        1. re: Ludlows23

                          Slows is great most of the time, but the mac&cheese isn't that great (it's nutmeg heavy and cheese light.)

                          1. re: oaklandfoody

                            WOW! You don't like their mac and cheese? That is truly amazing. You are the *first* person to tell me that they didn't like it (or are you just saying that it's "merely okay"?), and I've heard nothing but raves about it until now.

                            That being said, I hate *all* mac and cheese. Cheese and I have a special relationship, that being that I pretty much detest it in all ways except for as a pizza topping, and then *only* mozzerella. None of this chicken/artichoke/feta GARBAGE pizza that I was forced to endure the smell of over the weekend. Absolutely nasty in every conceivable fashion.

                        2. For my money I like Tunnel BBQ in Windsor, technically not Detroit, but it's in the area... make sure you go there on a busy weekend dinner service for best quality. In Detroit I like Slows. Bone yard i think is overrated, they don't trim their bones and they have tons of connective tissue on them. I've had Ginopolis, which is an extension of the Montgomery Inn, and i'm just not a fan of the fall of the bone kind so much. Just my preference.

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                            I like Tunnel BBQ also, they have lowered their prices to stay competative with this side of the border as our $ falls and the Canadian $ rises. I also agree with Oaklandfoody on the FD's verses Boneyard. IMO, FD's RIBS aren't bad but I won't say that about anythig else they offer. I have friends in Rochester; I met them there over the summer for a bite and brews one nite. I was a bit later than them and walked in on the end of the 5# rib tips and fries the tips were good so i ordered just the STL style ribs. The ribs wern't bad but the other things on the plate were left almost untouched. I doubt the RIBS came from a box; it wasn't Tony Roma's. Tony Roma's, IMO, are bottom of the barrel and I know most of Roma's products are pre-fabricated.

                          2. I'm with Ludlows23 on Slows, smack on a dark, almost scary part of Michigan Avenue west of the old Tiger Stadium. But the energy inside is high, the food is great and you're doing good for Motown to eat there and be happy and come back.

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                              They do offer valet parking for those concerned about the area (being on a main drag it should be relatively safe). I've been back a couple times recentlly and found the quality undiminished.

                            2. slows' slows' slows' !!! But only for the meat as most of the sides are so so. the beloved mac & cheese isn't that great, it is light on cheese and tastes like flour and the corn bread is dry as hell.

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                              1. re: butterhead

                                I work near Slow's and I've eaten there quite a bit, and I just don't think it's that good. I was excited about it when it opened because it was close, and hip, and I love barbecue. But I think my love of the concept and my sincere hope that it would be good forced me to keep giving it second chances. The last straw was a few months ago I ordered the beef brisket and it came so dry and leathery, it was like something from a school cafeteria. The first time I ate there the pulled pork was actually undercooked (pink and translucent) but I cut them some slack since they had just opened. Then I had ribs that I needed a steak knife to cut, and finally the brisket and I just can't take them as serious barbecue place. All that being said, the pulled pork and the mac and cheese are pretty good, the decor is cool, and I'm glad that they are there for the neighborhood's sake.

                                1. re: cstiv

                                  I love Slows. It's not perfect but it's easilly the best BBQ in the greater detroit area. The mac and cheese has been changed. They used to use a smoked Gouda which had an odd grainy texture when cooked. They now use Cheddar and it's much better. Some of the sides are a little lame. I'm no fan of their potato salad or cole slaw. The fried catfish is incredibly good as is the pulled pig. If you don't like slows your going to hate famous daves or the boneyard.

                                  1. re: Docsknotinn

                                    I wasn't planning on eating at either of those places but I did read about Lazybones in a seperate thread. It is pretty close and I can't believe this is the first I heard of it. As far as the meat at Slow's goes, the name is false advertising. If they actually cooked their ribs or brisket low and slow enough, they would not have arrived on my plate like they did.

                                    1. re: cstiv

                                      I'm not saying this is what happened to you but a lot of people mistake the pink color from real smoked meat as being under done. There is no false advertising there. The meat is definately smoked. Sorry you had a bad experience. We've been many times and have always been happy with our meal.

                                      1. re: Docsknotinn

                                        Yeah, I know what a smoke ring looks like, I do a lot of my own barbecueing. The brisket was obviously cooked to hot, because it was just gray and dry inside, and I needed a steak knife to cut it. The pulled pork I referred to in an earlier post was actually underdone (it was translucent). But I don't want to pile on poor Slow's. What I really want to find is some good barbecue in the Metro area. I am looking forward to trying Lazybones.

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                                          Barbecue is temperamental stuff, and any one place might be best on a given night. I've had very good luck at Slows with pulled pork and chicken dishes (have not eaten the brisket). For those out Washtenaw way, try Smoke House Blues on Washtenaw Ave. between AA and Ypsilanti--often remarkably good, and I can specifically recommend the brisket there.

                                          Eastsiders, is Milt's still serving it up?

                                  2. re: cstiv

                                    I share your feelings 100%. So, I don't think you've had a completely unique experience. It's definitely a place worth checking out (and based on the raves I've read here, I will do so again), but it fails to deliver on it's promise.

                                    1. re: cstiv

                                      i had lunch there last week and ordered the brisket sandwich on texas toast and enjoyed it. the meat was moist and tender. i like their spicy sauce. the seasonal/special sauce was labled "orange pop" and damn if it didn't taste like a bottle of faygo. good, but a little strange.

                                      their pork has been hit or miss for me on a couple of occaisions. about a month ago i had their sandwich that is a triple play on pork - shoulder, ham, and thick cut bacon. the pork was good but the bacon was the best thing on the plate.

                                    2. re: butterhead

                                      One of the issues with Slows is that their image is somewhat tied to regional politics. There are some rabid supporters of the place and the hype can sometimes be deafening – an easy way to setup a first-time patron for a disappointing meal. That said, my experience with at least a half-dozen meals at Slows has been good to excellent. I almost always order the St. Louis-style ribs because I prefer a spicy dry-rub smoked rib (you can have your soggy baby back). And they can't be beat for beer/wine/bourbon selection.

                                      1. re: Tabrams

                                        Slows is tied to regional politics? In what way? I always wind up with the pulled pig sandwich. I'm just not much of a fan for their sides but I really enjoy the place and trying out all the different BBQ sauces.

                                        1. re: Fritter

                                          The owners are seriously invested (and do a lot of good) for the neighborhood and surrounding communities. Slows gets a lot of press and has become a kind of symbol for urban renewal. I've seen dining experiences altered by far less.

                                    3. I had Slows' tonight. It was real good. STL style ribs were tender with a little snap to the meat, the pulled pork was moist and tender, but the chicken was a bit dry. I liked the corn bread but barely ate the mac & cheese. It was my first time there; the place was packed at 7pm. I'll probably be back.

                                      1. I am wondering has anyone been to Rib City BBq? I drove past one on Northwestern today. Is it open; if so is it any good?

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                                          I don't know if it's the same, but I ate at the one in Troy...Awful. The smallest ribs I've EVER seen. Like from a suckling pig. Steer clear of Rib City.

                                        2. I agree with most of the posters here - Slows is pretty good, but not great. I think you go there for the atmosphere more than anything else. Famous Dave's is disgusting, I would never go there again.

                                          Honestly, the best and most consisently good ribs I've had in this area are at any one of the three J Alexander's. I know it's a chain, but I love their sauce, and the ribs always fall off the bone. Fantastic sides, too. The mac and cheese there IS amazing.

                                          1. yes famous daves r only good at the grand opening period other wise it jus another chain..... everyone else is jus hit and miss. top 3 when they r on thier game blues bbq boneyard, parks. is there any good brisket in the d sounds like smoques got it goin on in the windy city.......

                                            1. Hey hey. I'm new here. I agree about Slow's being hit and miss. Went on my birthday over the summer, all ten people at the table loved it. Before then? Slow service and sub par brisket, mac & cheese. Apple bbq suace is out of this world. Closer to home, I enjoy Rib City in Troy. Someone else tore them up, but I would rather eat there than bring my hacksaw to FD or Boneyard. I was there Sunday. Baby backs are super tender (although a little smallish) @ $15. Better than FD @ $22. Sweet beans and slaw. STL are my new favorite dish there though. PS Ginopolis? Did someone hit the lottery to eat there?

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                                              1. re: BBQlover76

                                                You should try Lazybones in Roseville. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

                                                1. re: boagman

                                                  Thank you, Coney With Everything!
                                                  Been too long since i've been out here.
                                                  Boagman, I've heard some things about Lazybones- Good and bad. They're on my Gotta Eat There hitlist. So many places, so little time and money. I heard some rumblings about a place in east side of Detroit called Champs? No relation to Chammps. Any word?

                                                  1. re: BBQlover76

                                                    Really? I'd be interested in hearing what bad things you've heard about Lazybones...to be honest, I've never heard a detractor, yet. It's not that the place doesn't have its limitations, but I really think Deni does a great job with what he has. Perfect? No. Very good? You bet. Dependable? For sure.

                                                    1. re: boagman

                                                      I live in Westland....and I have zero problems driving all the way to Roseville for Lazybones. It has been a solid well liked choice for everyone that comes over to eat when I pick it up. I usually get two of the Texas Platters and some burnt ends.

                                                2. Pick-A-Bone on 6 mile in Livonia is pretty good. Ribs tend to be a little on the small side, but cooked right and tasty. $12-$16-ish. Also, if you're just craving BBQ; not necessarily ribs; and you decide to try Memphis Smoke in Royal Oak, you gotta go with the BBQ Chicken. It's half a bird and two sides for like $10-12. Can't go wrong.

                                                  1. If your on the east side, try Milt's Gourmet Bar-B-Que in Harper Woods. The quality has suffered a little bit since Milt was shot a while back but its still better than anything you can get at Slows.

                                                    1. I'll recommend Kirk's Bar-b-que on Woodward just south of Downtown Birmingham. It's the rebirth of a place that was on Grand River in Detroit from the 60's to the 90's, owned by one of the daughters of the man who owned the original. The ribs are meaty, not fatty, moist, and fall-off-the-bone tender. It's a small storefront with a few small tables, so basically best for takeout. I ate there for the first time tonight, and I'll definitely be going back.

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                                                      1. re: donkensler

                                                        I visited Kirk's for lunch today. Had their rib tips. Food was hot. Service was quick.
                                                        Sauce was a let down. I'll stick with Milt's, Ginopolis and Beans & Cornbread.

                                                      2. I don't know the best place for ribs in Detroit, but I do know the best rib sauce if you're doing your own. Just Sweet Enough, and the only place I know that carries it is Hollywood Market in RoyalOak. Enjoy!

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                                                        1. re: otisf

                                                          I recently picked up a Raspberry Chipotle BBQ sauce at Holiday Market in Canton and was very happy. They also have a Bacon BBQ that we tried that was good but did not have the complexity and heat that we all wanted.

                                                          On a side note I picked up some Boston Butt yesterday for 88 cents a pound at Kroger (not my favorite butcher by a mile but I just got laid off a few weeks ago). So I will be wiping those sauces out today making pulled pork sandwiches tonight.

                                                          1. re: JanPrimus

                                                            VERY sorry to hear about your layoff, jan. God knows everyone in DTW knows at least a couple people who are out of a job, or are calling MARVIN themselves.

                                                            On a Chowier note--I don't like Kroger pork in particular b/c they inject it with that damn "solution". I'd rather brine my own, thanks. I know Busch's is a bit spendy overall but they have good sales and pretty good pork, IMO.

                                                            1. re: coney with everything

                                                              I did brine it for 12 hours after I got it so maybe I brought balance back to the force, just like the book "Charcuterie" foretold.

                                                        2. As a native Detroiter now living in Ireland I want to thank you for posting a question that led to so many trips down memory lane! I had a blast reading fellow Rib lovers posts as they discussed the hot spots!. By-the-by - Do I remember that I used to go to Ginopolis's bar when I was in my early 20's? (going back a few years here!) I seem to remember it was one of the places to hit on a friday or saturday night?

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                                                          1. re: DetroitNative

                                                            > Ginopolis ... I seem to remember it was one of the places to hit on a
                                                            > friday or saturday night?

                                                            In the mid-late 1970, Playboy listed it was one of the Top-10 discos. T.h.a.t.
                                                            distinction motivated olde man Ginoplis to remove the dance floor and switch
                                                            to a full service restaurant format.

                                                            1. re: rainsux

                                                              Thanks for the reply! gosh - I think I kind of remember that - not the playboy rating but them getting rid of the disco. May it have happened that the floor was removed in the early 80's? I couldn't drink until 82 and although I may have slipped into a few places before then, I didn't have a fake ID.

                                                              1. re: rainsux

                                                                The place Playboy was referring to was the Ginopolis which was once in the heart of Greektown - and was more of a "star gazer" sort of Disco. All the Tigers, Pistons and local celebs used to mix it up there...

                                                              1. Hands down the best has to be Lazybones in Roseville. Just (finally!) went there for the first time and everything we ordered was phenominal. That puts Slows as a close second, but Lazybones takes the cake without a doubt. I will be making the trek down 696 much more often now.

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                                                                1. re: Scott2.0

                                                                  A good think to try for first timers is the Texas Sampler. Although I have to admit that is what I get still to this date. I wish they would get a west side location. Chef Deni if you ever read this...please consider the request! :)

                                                                2. We love Lazybones in Roseville! We stopped by there to check it out a couple of years ago and I was shocked! I even catered my son's rehearsal dinner with food from Lazybones. (The food got RAVE reviews.) My sister lives in Grand Rapids and occasionally she calls in an order and my husband and I take it to her on a Saturday. If Deni could expand to Grand Rapids he would make a fortune because there are no good BBQ joints there. I would pick Lazybones any day over Slows. The last time I went to Slows my brisket sandwich was almost all fat. And the name of the place also describes the service. Every time I have been there I was disappointed.

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                                                                  1. re: MissDena1

                                                                    I'm a big fan of Lazybones, though I've never had their ribs before. I can imagine that they'd be fantastic. Deny knows his stuff.

                                                                    While I'm certainly not surprised that the service at Slows is slow/horrible/disappointing, I am *very* shocked by your comments about the brisket sandwich being all fat. That's something that I've never run across when I've been there, and I would *certainly* have sent that thing back...as you should have. I realize that it can be a pain, but any time food comes out of the kitchen that way, it's simply unacceptable, and I would refuse to pay for it. If any flack was given, a manager would be *immediately* called. They'd still be culpable for a lousy visit, yes, but it's at least partially on you for not calling that to their attention. I'm darned sure that they'd have fixed that.

                                                                    If only they could solve their horrible service problem...

                                                                    1. re: boagman

                                                                      I am hoping the new Slow's (Only Takeout) location over on Cass will help the service a little bit.

                                                                      Also on a side note about Cass....

                                                                      Corridor Sausage Co. is coming soon.
                                                                      Artisanal sausages, cured meats, and charcuterie coming to the Cass Corridor (Corner of Cass and Canfield) in March 2010! I know one partner is the sous chef over at the Whitney right now. This makes me happy!

                                                                  2. Ripped from website!

                                                                    LAZYBONES SMOKEHOUSE SECOND LOCATION
                                                                    COMING SOON!

                                                                    43203 GARFIELD RD. CLINTON TWP. MI 48038
                                                                    FEATURING INDOOR SEATING AND AN OUTDOOR PATIO
                                                                    TO BETTER SERVE OUR CUSTOMERS

                                                                    OPENING LATE MAY EARLY JUNE 2010!

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                                                                    1. re: JanPrimus

                                                                      I...I think I just cried a little bit. This is *such* good news! I take it that the Hollyroxx Cafe is gone, then? That's what used to be at that address. Interesting, and fantastic news!

                                                                      1. re: boagman

                                                                        Did Hollyroxx have a liquor license? Maybe we get lucky and it could be transferred.

                                                                        NM....just looked them up and it looks like no transferable license.

                                                                      2. re: JanPrimus

                                                                        Any prayer for a liquor license at the Lazybones new Garfield location?

                                                                        PS---since seeing your Jan-24 note, I've been counting the days to the Corridor Sausage Co. opening. Alas, it's been pushed back (at least) until Sept. :-(

                                                                        PPS---About six months ago, Jim M touted a BBQ place in Jackson, MI called "West Texas Barbecue Co." I happened to be in Plymouth and I figured I could sooner drive clear to Jackson and be served, then I could drive to Slows and be served, damned the greenhouse gasses from my car in getting there.

                                                                        Barbeque aficionados (i.e., those who think Lazybones, Blue Ox and Slows are the areas' "real deals") should try this place. I'm not saying you'll love it. I'm just saying that this place is one of your callings and you don't have a choice. www.westexbbq.com

                                                                        Interestingly, they smoke with a white oak, and do so slowly and precisely. Fridays are their revered smoked prime rib day. Saturdays are all-you-can-eat day for $18, but I don't recommend this, if you value your health.

                                                                        The proud pit master, the neighborhood and the tidy restaurant bathroom featuring the owner's toothbrush/razor/deodorant right on the counter, don't even attempt to put themselves forward as being pretty, but this IS a required stop on the circuit.

                                                                        My kid and I had sampler platters of brisket, pork shoulder, turkey breast, sausage and baby backs. Uncharacteristically, I have to give the nod to the ribs, assuming one likes dry rub. But, all the meats were quite good. Again, the REAL DEAL. Believe me.

                                                                        The sides were average. Plain beans (little smoke or fat) with heavy molasses. Decent coleslaw fresh from a mix. Tasty mustard potato salad, supposedly homemade. Bad mac 'n cheese, and arguably mediocre BBQ sauce. The service was very personable(!) and charming, and the "barn" interior was a great and cute change of pace. Limited hours. Please write about your experiences. (Jim M--Thx for the tip.)

                                                                        1. re: vtombrown

                                                                          Glad you liked it! I also prefer the ribs, although the brisket is what they tout. Only thing I have to add is that you can eat outside in nice weather. Inside there are only a few tables. Or you can take it to Cascades Park or somewhere else outdoors.

                                                                          I have never tried the prime rib there, but it sounds great.

                                                                      3. I'm new to the area, so I don't have the perspective some of you may. But I've got to recommend RJ's Roost in Detroit (Rivertown), which is relatively new. They've got fall-off-the-bone tender ribs and barbecue sauce so good I keep a bottle in the fridge at all times. Check it out.

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                                                                        1. re: asheblogs


                                                                          That's the website, apparently. Not the most informative one I've ever seen, since you actually have to download the menu in order to see the address for the place. You'd think that they'd have that on the front page, or at the very least under one of the main tabs!

                                                                          So...um, fair is fair: a slab of ribs is $21 here, after tax. An entire slab meal is going to run you over $25, after tax. Prices like these, especially for what looks to be a carry-out-emphasized place don't exactly make me rush out into the 'hood. Really: prices like these make me start to think that Kirk's BBQ and Chicken Shack are relative bargains!

                                                                          Are coupons available? Because even BBQ-dedicated places like Lazybones and Blue Ox are cheaper than this on regular menu prices. Slows is about the same, but Slows offers full service!

                                                                          I may check it out if I'm out that way, but I don't think a special trip will be in order.

                                                                          1. re: boagman

                                                                            you are right, an address might help. i got an error message when i tried to download the menu. looks more like a chicken place than a bbq place. and it is pricey, too.

                                                                            1. re: xman887

                                                                              Yeah, their website could use some work. The address is 3496 East Jefferson Avenue. The chicken's good too, but the slab is why I go there.

                                                                              You asked about the "best ribs," not the "best ribs for the price."

                                                                              1. re: asheblogs

                                                                                You're right, ashe...and I shouldn't poo-poo them until I see whether they're actually worth what they're charging. Mea culpa.

                                                                                1. re: boagman

                                                                                  Yep, right again, Boagman. Now get going and let us know ...

                                                                        2. I know it's the dead of winter and perhaps longing for a nice summer day has elevated the memory.... but I have to say, the "100 yard long BBQ grill" on Rusell St at the Eastern Market has some of the most outstanding pulled pork, ribs, brisket I've had in a long time... Washed down with fresh squeezed lemonade?? Fuhgeddaboudit!! :)

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                                                                          1. re: Double Espresso

                                                                            I believe that is Bert's Ribs. I do love getting some of the meat, corn, wonderbread slice and a beer and people watching on a Saturday morning from there.