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Jan 16, 2002 04:11 PM

Best Detroit area BBQ ribs?

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I'm craving BBQ ribs. Who makes the best ribs in metro Detroit?

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  1. Can't get BBQ ribs in Detroit like you can in Kansas City. If in the Royal Oak area, try Oxford Inn on Main St. Your best bet is to wait for "BerkleyBabe" to answer (which she will}. I don't think there's a place in the Detroit area that she doesn't know! Trust her.

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    1. re: Sony Bob

      Some of our favorite places for ribs are:
      Alexanders - 7 mile @ Haggerty in Northville
      Moose Preserve - 17 Mile in Pontiac
      Beaver Creek - on Wayne Rd., south of Ford in Westland

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        The best ribs in Detroit are served at my house on the Sunday prior to Labor Day Monday on the Labor Day weekend. The commercial places can not beat my homemade sauce or my attention to the slow cooking over live coals with out par boiling them first. But then I do not try to cook for the masses - only 120 invited guests. :)

        1. re: Queenofquality

          So when can we expect our chowhound invitations? ;)

    2. I can't say I have the best answer for you; we've always found really tasty, tender, nonfatty/falling off the bone ribs at Matt Prentice's Flying Fish Tavern (13 mile and Southfield). Memphis Smoke in Royal Oak has a good selection, but leans toward greasy. Why not try some other places and post what you've may find THE best spot!

      1. In Pontiac, on Woodward Ave (north of St. Joe's hospital), there is a carwash/soul food restaurant called CW's Soul Food. Just take out, but they make amazing ribs as well as several terrific sides like sweet potato-pie, greens, etc...

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          I've seen that place a number of times and it certainly raised my curiosity. Thanks for the post--we'll drop in in the near future!

        2. Well, I stopped the BBQ rib craving (temporarily!) at Nikola's in Southfield on Telegraph Rd., next to Shield's. They were pretty good (but oh, I keep dreaming that there are better ones out there!), maybe a little too sweet, but this was easily fixed with a dousing of Tabasco. And a half slab was HUGE -- they serve the "real" meaty ribs, not the baby-backs.

          Thanks for the leads on the other places. I'm probably going to make another rib run this week.

          1. The eastsiders go to "Champs" on Mack between 7 and 8 and for the real deal, "Milts" on Houston-Whittier about 1 mile west of I-94.

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              Another couple and us cruise for ribs about once a month. We ate at Champs, would never go back.