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Jan 12, 2002 01:53 PM


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Does anyone know if there are Sonic Burgers here in Michigan? I cant stand fastfood joints, but I went to one in Texas for a drink and they have the best sweet tea. Then again this might just be a southern thing to have the sweet tea, but I just keep seeing these comercials on tv for the place and I need to find out!

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  1. Here's their website... they call Illinois, Indiana and Ohio "developing markets" - if you live in Michiana you might want to check it out, but if you're a Yooper you're probably up the creek.

    We have them in more... um... rustic places in California. (They may have expanded but the only ones I've ever seen were in Bakersfield.)

    Sweet tea is probably a Southern thing... I long for sweet tea here in SoCal but the only place you can get it is in Cajun/Creole/soul food restaurants.


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      Michael Hoffman

      The only Sonic I know of is in southeast Ohio at Nelsonville. That's a good three hours from the Michigan line, and I don't know if the Tater Tots are really worth it.