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Jan 11, 2002 09:43 AM

Hough Bakery "Modernistic" cookies [Cleveland]

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My wife used to enjoy a cookie sold by Cleveland's Hough Bakery chain. It was a large flat cookie with chocolate icing on one half and vanilla icing on the other, with a swirled boundary between the two colors of icing. She thinks they were called "Modernistic" cookies. Does anyone else recall these cookies, or know where a recipe might be found? Please reply via email ( as well as to this board.

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  1. I remember those cookie well. There are so many folks around who miss Hough Bakery, especially those achingly sweet, white birthday cakes and petits fours I think you will garner response from the Cleveland food-wine forum. Some of the recipes might be published, but I'm not sure where. Try the link to the Forum attached below:


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      If I remember correctly, the cookies were not iced, but were a 1/2 chocolate and 1/2 vanilla cookie. Unfortunately, Hough closed 10 years ago this coming August, but many of their bakers and some of their recipes are rumored to survive in town. I also believe that there was a cookbook published at one point. The site referenced above may be helpful to track someone down.

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        I remember those cookies well. They are half chocolate and half sugar cookie. I am going to look into this and I will see what I can find. If you have found anyone who knows the recipe or of a cookbook let me know. Thanks and good luck.

    2. i remember those well being a native clevelander. if you come out to nyc you are in luck, you can find them in every bodega! they're called black&white cookies here and the quality varies.

      1. Hough's Modernistic cookies were NOT iced. And they were (are!) a totally different animal than the New York "black and white" which is a cakey vanilla cookied iced with chocolate and white icing.

        Rumor has it heinen's does a good rendition, I don't know personally.

        But here's a link that gives information from the the founder of hough bakeries grandson. Happy reading!

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          I can't imagine being excited about something from the Heinen's bakery. Also, I'm pretty sure all their baked goods are laced with hydrogenated oils.

          I read that the actual recipes were preserved by a baker who is now operating a small bakery called Archie's. For whatever it's worth, he has a big plaque from the old Hough building in his new bakery. I had a cake from them once and it was good. I think they do the various cookies, too. I think it's all by special arrangement.

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            Yes, Archie's Bakery is alive and well. Here's their facebook page and rumor has it they are looking for a location on the east side.


            Phone: 216/481-4188

            As for being filled with hydrogenated oils? Maybe yes, maybe no and - so? I think as long as you don't make a meal of it, just enjoy a slice and memories, you're good : )

        2. I'm now having memories of their finger sandwiches, & their wonderful mushroom pie. That was so.....good. Childhood birthday parties were incomplete without a Hough white cake with white icing. Now that I think about it, Hough catered my wedding reception many moons ago!

          1. PB -

            I just got off the phone with Heinen's and they have two different types of black and white cookies. One is frosted, but the one they make, that sounds very much like the Hough modernistic, is called a "Marble" cookie. Every Heinen's can carry it, if yours does not, you can call and request it and they will get it from the central bakery.

            Hope this helps!