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Jan 10, 2002 11:05 AM

Lincoln, NE suggestions?

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In Lincoln this wkend; any recommendations other than steak houses?

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  1. I live in Omaha so have not dined at any of these places, but have heard good things:

    Lazlo's Brewery & Grill - Nebraska's oldest brewery (the brew being the main 'draw' of this place) located on 710 P St.

    Mamasita's Restaurant (Tex-Mex) - Just outside of Lincoln in Bennet Ne, 605 Monroe.

    La Paloma - Tex-Mex at 301 N 8th St.

    The Oven - Indian at 201 N 8th St.

    Buzzard Billy's Armadillo Bar-N-Grillo - Described as 'Cajun/Creole/Seafood'. Be warned this is a small chain (one restaurant each in TX, NE, WI, IA). But they do have alligator on the menu, so hey, maybe just to say you tried...located at 247 N. 8th Street. I left a link below to their menu - - again, obviously very 'chainy'.

    Finally...not a place to eat, but the Zoo Bar is pretty popular for Blues and booze, located at 136 North 14th Street.

    Again, I must restate, I have no personal experience at any of these places, but I guess a chance taken is better than a meal wasted at some fast food dive...and if you get a chance to see Omaha there are several recommendations in a thread further down the page.



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    1. re: sladeums

      Thx for the helpful recs last wk. We had a wonderful dinner at The Oven,
      waited on by a knowlegeable, young fella who steered us toward the Lamb
      Madras and a nice Australian Shiraz. Very attractive restaurant.
      Disconcerting that it was less than full on a Sat. nite while the brewpub
      down the street was overflowing but, hey, it's a college town. Nothing
      against brewpubs; I'm a big fan of the craft beers.
      Lunch at Samarai Sam's, fast food terriaki at Q and 17th St. Mebbe it's a
      chain but a good alternative to the usual greaseburgers.
      Friday nite we ate at the Garden Cafe for old time's sake--we used to have
      one down the street from us but it closed several yrs ago. I won't order the
      liver again.
      I used to travel to Omaha regularly on business and enjoyed the sushi place
      on Dodge (Ichiban?) and My Most Favorite Vietnamese Restaurant in the Whole
      World which is on Dodge near the medical complex (Saigon Restaurant?).
      We live in K.C. area so lemme know if you ever need tips on places here.
      It's an embarrassment of riches.

      1. re: GrebeGrub

        Glad everything worked out for the best...
        Of all the choices I threw up there, The Oven seemed the best choice to me - the look and menu seems quite similar to The Indian Oven in The Old Market in Omaha, which is very good...not sure if the two restaurants have any connection, but it wouldn't surprise me.

        I'm very sorry to hear you went to The Garden Cafe...
        I can honestly say the worst, most unsatisfying meals AND the worst service I've EVER had in any restaurant were all at the Garden Cafe (and I do consider McDonalds & it's ilk restaurants). For my last 3 trips to the place I tried to give 3 seperate locations a try and even jumped around the menu a bit...I'll NEVER go back again.
        They used to be pretty good, say about 15 years ago, but they changed management many years back and just went to hell...consistency, ingredient-quality, portion-size, service - everything suffered. Most of the baked goods, though, can still range from acceptable to superb - - - but a McRib and 2 hour old, cold soggy fries dished up by a surly, illiterate hungover 16 year-old with bad skin and an open hand wound seems like a Michelin 3-Star experience compared to having to suffer at The Garden Cafe (in case you can't tell I have pretty strong fellings on this issue).

        Sushi Ichiban does good business.

        Saigon is still around, though I have not been there, I have heard very positive things about it. Probably the main reason I never get around to visiting is the unease my wife feels when the term 'raw beef' appears so many times on a single menu....would like to go though - if only to rub the belly of that huge fat Buddha they have at the front of the shop (I stopped in for a take out menu shortly after they opened many years ago).

        As for KC, we had to cancel our BBQ trek late last summer that we geared up for for months, due to unexpected car expenses...after much consideration we were planning on hitting Fiorella's and LC's, maybe a trip to Bryant's for curiousity sake and a side-trip to Stroud's - - I'm still hoping we can maybe squeeze something in this summer.
        I'm open to any suggestions in the area as I constantly keep a running tally of places to go and things to try - the one caveat being that my budget usually doesn't allow for 'fine' dining, I think I only kick up the tab for two over $40 maybe 2-3 times a year.

        Likewise, if you ever lack for any Omaha suggestions I can be quite generous w/ them!