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Jan 1, 2002 10:44 PM

Shapiro's in Indianapolis

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I can't believe it! I can find on this bulletin board only one mention of Shapiro's of Indianapolis, where the best pastrami west of the Watchung Mountains can be found.

This ex-New Jersey resident (now in Philadelphia, where they may know their cheesesteaks but don't have a clue abut pastrami, with just one or two exceptions) was shocked but by no means appalled when he first stumbled upon the S. Meridian Shapiro's near downtown Indianapolis about five years ago. Very popular with the R&D and marketing crowd from nearby Eli Lilly. This cafeteria/deli/desserterie is always worth a detour. I was last there in April, stopping for lunch en route to St. Louis (it's just a block or two from I-70), indulging in matzoh ball soup, a pastrami sandwich and a key lime pie.

There's another Shapiro's location on Indianapolis's Northside, but I didn't find it quite up to snuff.

Any updates Indiana chowhounds?


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  1. I like the one on 86th St equally well. I'm from the Chicagoland....and there is no better deli...and i agree..the pastrami is the absolute best...add to that the wonderful german potato salad and you're in a little bit of heaven.

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      Shapiro's on the Northside at 86th and Township Line closed on January 1 and will reopen in Carmel later in the year. As a longtime Shapiro's goer, it does not live up to reputation that it has gained over the years. The cleanliness needs some work and the food lacks the quality found in the days of Max Shapiro. If you come through Indianapolis again, be sure to check directory assistance for its new location.

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        Thanks for the information....I'll try the one in Carmel the next thru Indianapolis.