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Dec 24, 2001 07:58 AM

Omaha suggestions

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I will be traveling to Omaha in January and am looking for suggestions.

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  1. I can probably toss up a there a particular cuisine you're looking for?

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    1. re: sladeums

      Not really - just looking for something interesting while in town.

      1. re: catzen

        I will then re-iterate the previous post recommending The Indian Oven (10th and Howard). If you enjoy Indian food, I think it is one of the better Indian restaurants in the is in the Old Market, though, which is a big attraction for the city (the only?) so be prepared to compromise on the parking and walk a few blocks to the restaurant. Another good spot for Indian is The Sitar (2819 S 125th - - they have a lunch buffet, but their dinner menu is really good too)

        If you would like Italian try Lo Sole Mio (3001 S 32nd not the deli, but the restaurant - they have both) or Malara's (2123 Pierce) or Marino's (79th & Harrison, I believe).

        For Mexican, I would recommend Gudalajara (20th & L but only if you like e-t-h-n-i-c Mexican) or maybe La Mesa in Bellevue (605 Fort Crook Rd) or El Alamo (4917 S 24th - - very good). Nettie's (7110 Railroad) between South Omaha and Bellevue is a favored (not mine, though) spot for Tex-Mex fare...if you like that kind of thing and want to hang in the Old Market, hit Trini's (1020 Howard St). For Mexican fusion/traditonal-updating try Stoke's (646 N 114th), I really enjoy this place as an eating spot amongst my less food-knowledgeable co-workers.

        If you like Czech, then the Bohemian Cafe (1406 S 13th) is an absolute, ABSOLUTE must...

        For pizza try Don Carmello's (3558 Farnam).

        For an awesome burger in an old diner setting hit Louie M's Burger Lust (1718 Vinton St).

        If you like Thai food Jit's Thai (74th & Dodge) is quite good, and they aim to please.

        For good Chinese go to Bejing Gate (3515 Center), or if you are still hanging out downtown try King Fongs (315 1/2 S 16th - - - I like the decor better than the food sometimes, but would risk my life for their Egg Fo Yong).

        If barbecue is your thing try Harkert's (48th & Center - - VERY limited seating), Amarillo in Bellevue (303 Fort Crook Rd) or for a very special treat go to Uncle Ernie's just outside of Bellevue on the other side of the Platte Bridge (these guys have a lot of awards under their belt for their chow, the atmosphere is lousy, but who cares) - - strongly recommend their pulled pork/pork sandwich...or else Fojay's (633 N Saddle Creek Rd) or Jim's Rib Haven (3801 Ames Ave).

        There is also Cafe de Paris(1228 S 6th) which I have not been to due to budget constraints, but from my understanding is the only AAA four-star restaurant between Chicago and Denver (probably want to call first).

        These are only my faves (I'll probably think of many more after I've signed off - - and as you can see my list is rather long, that's why I asked for clarification), I'm sure someone else has much more informed opinions....I threw out all I can think of now, hopefully something sticks.

        Pound for pound, though, this town has a LOT of places to eat, and many of them are QUITE good.


      2. re: sladeums

        Try Thai Spice (108th & Maple) or Thai Kitchen (170th & Center) if you are looking for good thai food. If you are looking for some of the best Sushi in the Midwest, try Sakura Bana,
        I'm not sure what Thai Spice or Thai Kitchen's URL is, but I know the menus are on

        1. re: thanksforvisiting

          Thai Spice is online here:

          Thai Kitchen is here:

          The woman who owns Thai Spice is a co-owner of Thai Kitchen.
          Thai Kitchen's original location is still open on south 24th St across the street from Omaha South High School.

          I like Thai Kitchen better myself, and was not real impressed with Thai Spice especially after all the accolades it's received.
          I need to find a good Thai place that I really enjoy now that Jit's is closed.

          Here are 2 other fairly recently opened Thai places that I've not tried:

          Taste of Thailand (157th West Center

          Tas's Thai (127th Q

          I've heard some great things about Taste of Thailand and am hoping to check it out soon.

      3. p

        Taco Durango (3121 Q Street, 68107)

        drinks/nosh (mushrooms in garlic butter):
        M's (Old Market)

        Indian Oven (1010 Howard, Old Market)

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        1. re: papadiscobravo

          best Italian in the world: Marino's Deli on Harrison Street. It's been years since I've been there, but the happy memory of Marino's stays with me. Enjoy! Also, not the greatest food, but perhaps the coolest bar is M's Pub in the Old Market. Good appetizers and excellent service.

        2. Ahmad's Persian restaurant in the Old Market is probably my personal favorite in Omaha. He serves a Fessun Jun (sp?) dish that is slow cooked tender chicken with a savory pomegranate sauce. It’s wonderful. He also does an original take on dolmes, using large cabbage leaves cooked with a seasoned ground lamb inside. V-Merts also in the Old Market area has a decent wine list, and delicious steaks, if you're looking for a nice "Midwest" centric meal downtown.