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Dec 10, 2001 04:38 PM

Ypsilanti, MI: Transylvania Restaurant

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Hi. This is my first visit to this site; it was recommended to me by Phil Agre on his Red Rock Eaters mailing list.

I'd like to recommend the recently-opened Transylvania Restaurant to anyone in the Ann Arbor area interested in excellent Romanian food. I dined there last night with two friends. The cost was about $15 per person, including dessert; they don't have a liquor license.

The meatball soup was delicious: not overly salty, very rich and flavorful. Turos teszta (wide, flat homemade noodles with cottage cheese and bacon) was bland but good. The pasta gave proof of the waiter's boast that everything was made fresh daily.

I also enjoyed the Romanian schnitzel, which was spiced very differently from the more familiar German schnitzel--paprika is clearly a key spice in Romanian cuisine. The stuffed cabbage rolls were superb, and the grilled fish was moist and flaky, with a mildly peppery mix of spices. The waiter recommended the "nature potatoes," boiled potatoes with paprika and other spices, as a side dish; we all found them excellent. Everything came in very generous portions.

The climax of the meal, however, was the dessert course. I have never had a better tiramisu, and the dobos (layers of sponge cake and chocolate mousse soaked in raspberry liqueur) was astonishing.

The restaurant is located in the strip-mall at the corner of Hewitt and Michigan, near the Edge nightclub and the Big Lots store.

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  1. Hey, Metal, welcome to Chowhound--what a great addition to our not always really active Midwest site! I'm in suburban Detroit and going to add this to my "must eat" list. We're all looking forward to additional posts. You've already made a terrific contribution to our collective A2 info.

    1. How I love this website! I have to give a presentation in Ypsilanti on Monday and will be stuck there tomorrow night...thought I might find a recommendation SOMEWHERE in the vicinity....and there's this. Thank you, kind sir.

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        Let us know what you have and how it works out. We are only about 20 minutes away from there - in the Plymouth/Canton area. Thanks!